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Plumbing problems are quite difficult to repair and these chores must be entrusted to the pros. This thing will spare you from worries and increase in damage cost.

Yet, sometimes it is fairly baffling and confusing which plumber, you are going to engage. To help you choose the right plumber, we have listed some attributes that we think you should take into account when engaging a plumber:

1. Skillful

Fixing plumbing problems such as leaking faucets or pipes, broken pipes, clogged drains, and leaking flush tank, among others, requires plumbing skills. For this ground, it is advisable that you engage a plumber who is expert in this area. He must have years of experience in handling plumbing problems. Before you hire a plumber, you may ask how many years of working experience he has in this area. You will know if he is truly good in this area when he evaluates first the task and explains it to you. He will tell you the problem and how he will fix it as well as its cost estimate.

2. Reliable

A plumber must appear along the scheduled day to repair your plumbing troubles. He must attend immediately when you call him to fix your problem. This is to avoid any inconvenience that may cause damage in your house. You must as well select a plumbing service that can assist during an emergency. For example, your pipe is broken on holiday weekends and must be fixed right away. The plumber you will engage must offer this type of emergency services.

3. Trustworthy

Make certain that the plumber is trustworthy as well. He must respect you and your property as he will enter your home. To know if he is trustworthy you may ask his former clients about his background or you may visit his website and read the reviews and testimonies of his clients.

4. Make sure that they are PUB-licensed

It is best if you opt for a licensed or registered plumber in your area. This is because a licensed plumber has the training and skills that you need to fix your plumbing problems efficiently. You may ask him if he is licensed or ask him to show evidence that he is a licensed plumber. Likewise, a newly licensed plumber that does not have much experience may offer a better fee than those with experienced plumbers. More than anything, you have to make sure that the plumber you engage is licensed by the Public Utilities Board or PUB, which is the only necessary license for plumbing in Singapore.

5. Bonded or Insured

Unfortunately, some other times a plumber may be injured. In this case, you may ask if the plumber is bonded or insured during the course of fixing any problem issue. If he is not insured and something happens to him, you have to pay for his medical cost and probably go through the courts to reimburse. Meanwhile, if he has the insurance, both of you will be covered in case there are accidents.

The right plumber or plumbing service can indeed spare you from headaches of any plumbing issues. If you are looking for such plumbing service, you may take into account the Yeobuild Home Repair, which is pioneered in fixing plumbing problems. Besides, they have experienced and reliable plumbers that will fix your plumbing problems well.