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Save electricity this Holiday Season! 

It is almost the holiday season! With December just waiting around the corner, many festivities will be celebrated. The Christmas Holiday has been one of the most anticipated celebrations all over the world! The holidays are usually a time for festivities, thanksgiving, and reflection, it is also the most expensive time of the year.  With the gift-giving, the cooking, and the decorations, you will surely use a lot of cash! 

Adorning our homes with Christmas decorations will surely be one of the things that will make us busy. Christmas lights, Christmas trees, bells, stars, and many others will be the main decors. Some of these are the reasons why our electric bills are shooting up during the holidays! Not to mention, with all of the gatherings that will be happening, our kitchens and entertainment systems will be busy as well! 

Worry no more, as we are here to help you out in saving electricity this holiday!  Check out our blog to find out more! 

Christmas Decorations:

1. Use LED Christmas Lights

It has been proven through the years that LED lights to consume lesser energy than any other type of light. Since festive Christmas lights are considered as one of the holiday staples, you will be able to save a lot of electricity if you will be choosing the LED ones.  LED or light-emitting diodes are 80-90% more efficient than traditional lights. This tip will surely help you a lot to save electricity this holiday season. You will also be having long-lasting Christmas lights because LEDs are cool to touch, shatterproof and even shock resistant! This will also help you maintain a safe environment at home with the decorations on.

2. Light up the lights and decorations on schedule

We all know that decorations are put up to enlighten our eyes and emotions with the holiday season. This fact doesn’t necessarily mean that our lights will be lit up all day long. You should properly set-up a schedule when to light it up. If you are not in the mood to turn on and turn off your lights manually, you can also install some automatic light timer that will help you in automating the light schedule management. The automatic outlet timer is a device used to make the lights or any plugged device to turn off after a set period of time.  By installing the device, you will be able to save up to an additional 30% with your Christmas light electric consumption. You can also use this device for any home appliances that you want to control with its electric consumption. 

3. Use natural holiday decorations that don’t need electricity

Of course one of the most classic approaches on how to save electricity this holiday is by getting away from items that use electricity.  You can decorate your home with colorful stars, and any other Christmas ornaments that can stand by itself even without electricity. You can even create your own! There are a lot of D-I-Y Christmas decor ideas out on the internet. Apart from cutting down on your electric consumption, this activity will also be a nice way to bond with your family members, especially the kids. 

Christmas Cooking:

1. Use your ovens efficiently

Holiday cooking means a good feast for food! To be able to save electricity this holiday, you can make the most out of your oven. If you will be baking multiple dishes, you can bake more than one in a single cooking cycle. This could reduce your oven electric consumption by up to 50%.  Just make sure that your dishes should go together. For sure, you don’t want your cakes to smell like roast beef or roast pork! Before combining two dishes together in the oven, make sure that the tastes go well together! Of course, also make sure that your oven is properly functioning! If you are having some problems with your ovens, call an oven expert to help you get the work done!  

 2. Make use of the smallest appliance if possible

When cooking, you should also strategically plan your dishes. This tip will not only help you save electricity this holiday, but you will also be saving a lot of energy in cleaning and operating your kitchen appliances. If you are only cooking small batches, it is always best to use smaller appliances. If you are just baking a small dish, just make use of the microwave instead of putting it in a full-scale oven! You can also make the most out of your cooker hobs! If you know that the food could be cooked and prepared using a cooker hob, why not make a smart choice? Cook it in the cooker hob instead of using the oven just to heat up some dishes! This tip will help you save up to 40% of your electric consumption.

3. Always make use of the pot’s lids

Closing the lid of every pot while cooking makes the cooking process easier. Your electric consumption for electric hobs will be lessened by up to 20% if lids are closed. This could be simply explained by:  “if the foods you are cooking are cooked faster, there is a shorter need for your appliance to be plugged into the electric outlet.” You can save electricity this holiday season by properly using the lids of the pots you own in the kitchen.  This simple tip can go a long way! 

For sure, you are excited to celebrate the holiday with your family and friends, but don’t forget to be smarter and wiser when it comes to the savings you can get by doing some easy to follow steps we have shared on our blog! Happy Holidays!