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Whether your unit is malfunctioning or you need to replace a dysfunctional water heater, trust Yeobuild HomeRepair to get the job done. We can help you make the best choice for your water heater needs.

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What Are the Types of Water Heaters That We Repair?

conventional water heater

Conventional Water Heater

Conventional water heaters have a tank where the water that will be heated is kept. This means that how much hot water you have on hand at once depends on the tank’s capacity. The water is kept warm until it is needed thanks to the insulation in the tank, which helps it to do so. The temperature control valve and the pressure control valve are two of the valves present in this tank. When the water temperature exceeds 120 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature control valve opens to release heat and lower the temperature. When the pressure hits roughly 150 psi, the pressure release valve opens to reduce the pressure. Family households often use this sort of water heater the most, however the amount of hot water it can store is constrained.
tankless water heater

Tankless Water Heater

As you might have guessed, a tankless water heater lacks a tank. It is alternatively known as an on-demand water heater because it uses super-heated coils that fill with water and heat water quickly as needed. Even for large families who want a lot of hot water at once, this method is excellent for swiftly boiling water. You must make sure you get the appropriate size tankless water heater for your home because lesser models won’t be able to keep up with your water demand and will leave you with tepid or cold water. This sort of water heater comes in a variety of sizes.
heat pump

Heat Pump Water Heater

This particular type of water heater is distinctive in that it heats water using both surface and subsurface heat sources. As opposed to the alternative, when electricity is used to generate heat, electricity is merely utilized to transfer heat from the ground or air to the water. Up to 60% less electricity can be used by heat pump water heaters than by conventional water heaters. You may need a lot of space for this water heater because the pump is on top, often up to eight feet of vertical clearance.
solar water heater

Solar Water Heater

This type of water heater, which gets its power from solar panels put on the roof, may be the most energy-efficient of them all. The heat-conductive substance in the closed loop system, which also contains the energy, heats the water in the tank. This works especially well for people who live in warm, sunny climates and can save a lot of money on bright days. To ensure that the water heater can function even on overcast days, this system frequently needs a backup source of gas or power.
condensing water heater

Condensing Water Heater

If natural gas is the main energy source in your family’s house, the condensing water heater can be your best bet. Similar to the typical water heater, this form of water heater holds the water in a tank and uses heated exhaust from the natural gas line to heat the water. To heat the water, the gas fumes pass via a coil that is positioned at the bottom of the tank. As a result, only gas that has previously been burnt elsewhere, such as in your oven or heater, is used to heat the water for your home. Since it is a tank-style water heater, you must make sure to buy one that is big enough for your household.

The Top Common Water Heater Problems

A faulty temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve

A broken heating component can be one of the possible causes of your lack of hot water. The purpose of this appliance’s on or off cycles to control the temperature. If it is malfunctioning, then you will not be able to heat your water accordingly, whether it is because of dirt accumulation or simply bad wiring. Consider having this particular component repaired or replaced once you realize that this is the reason behind your water failing to heat up.

Weak water pressure

Going to a faucet and turning on the cold water is the simplest way to focus on the source of the problem. Turn off the cold water spigot if there is a sufficient flow before turning on the hot water. You will then be able to tell if the low water pressure is caused by your hot water supply or not. If so, a valve that is partially closed and restricting the flow of hot water is most likely the culprit. But if you have consistently low water pressure, then there may be an obstruction or buildup of silt in the pipes within or even outside of your home.


This may actually be a simple problem to fix, and is most often caused by a high thermostat setting. You may try to adjust the thermostat to a lower setting. But if that does not work, you can try to take a look at the temperature valve. If it is broken, the heater will not turn off even when it reaches the right temperature. It is imperative that you replace the valve right away because this can be very hazardous.

A stuck valve

The water heater’s drain valve is utilized to clear any leftover buildup from the drain. It will be used to fix the drainage and swap out the broken valve. Around the drain valve, lime, calcium, and mineral deposits frequently form. The drain valve is compelled to stop operating as a result. Simply put, a buildup of residue and debris is what makes the water heater drain valve become stuck. You must unclog the valve when it becomes stuck and eventually clogged. You might occasionally need to replace the water heater’s drain valve.

A leak from a nearby plumbing connection

Loose connections are commonly the reason behind leaks, and in these cases, you should use a wrench to tighten them. It could also be from the valves themselves, and must be immediately replaced. Since the tank may be rusty, it is more dangerous if the leak originally came from there. If you find that your tank has deteriorated, you must replace it completely.

Loose heating element bolts

Water heater tank leaks may be caused by corroded tanks or loosened heating elements. If this is the case, you should check the elements for slackness and use an element wrench to tighten them if necessary. A rusted tank needs to be replaced because it cannot be fixed.

A bad gasket

If you have an electric water heater and notice water dripping from the tank’s side, a worn gasket may be to blame. Water is heated inside the tank of an electric water heater using heating elements. Water may occasionally seep out of the tank through a worn-out rubber gasket on the bottom of the heating element.

A leaking water tank

Check the drain valve first if water is dripping from the bottom of your hot water tank. It is on the appliance’s bottom and resembles an outdoor spigot to which you would attach a hose. If the valve is the source of the leak, you should be able to identify it by examining the surrounding areas.

The Benefits of Professional Water Heater Repair Services

Lower Energy and Water Bills

A poorly maintained water heater cannot function as well as one that is in good condition. Your system will work too hard if your water heater is in need of upkeep such as cleaning, maintenance, or repairs since it will struggle to provide the desired level of hot water. You might not be aware that you have a water heater issue and leave the water running longer as you wait for the hot water to turn on. Your water and energy bills could go up as a result. You can fix your water heater and cut your utility costs with the aid of a pro.

Have Reliable and Excellent Hot Water

Your everyday needs cannot be satisfied by a broken water heater. You can have inconsistent hot water when your water heater needs maintenance, which makes bathing and cleaning challenging or uncomfortable. Additionally, a dirty water heater that has significant mineral accumulation on the tank or heating element may transmit some of that build up with the hot water to your faucet, resulting in hot water that is rusty, metallic-tasting, or has an unpleasant odor. Your professional water heater repair service can quickly and easily address each of these problems so that you can resume using hot water for cleaning and bathing.

Uninterrupted Convenience

It takes time and effort to fix a water heater on your own, and if gas lines are not handled properly, faulty repairs may be dangerous. Therefore, hiring a professional to fix your water heater gives you the ease of delegating the task to them, freeing up your time and energy for something else, as well as the assurance that the repairs will be done securely and correctly. When you entrust your water heater repair needs to a professional plumbing business, you can also benefit from their service guarantee, which covers the job in case of a problem so you won’t have to spend any extra money to handle labor or part concerns that may develop later on.

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Annie Ho
Annie Ho
My home microwave (Turbo Incanto) broke down and initially i was sceptical to call for a home repair service! Thankfully, I found a reliable microwave repair service in Yeobuild. Their technician, Mr Syafiq came down at the appointed day/time and gave sound advice on the job scope after checking my microwave (heating system failed). Initial $60 fee was waived and all-inclusive $190 fee paid for repairs, transport, delivery, installation, spare parts, etc. No hidden charges and fees are transparent as quoted by Mr Syafiq. Job completed in 3 days with Invoice (cash payment) and Job Report emailed to me promptly. Thank you for the excellent service. Highly Recommended.
sandra a
sandra a
I've used yeobuild three times - for my wine fridge, washing machine and oven. All three times, the items were repaired professionally and in a timely manner. No idea if it is good value as I didn't compare prices, but I appreciate the prompt appointments, straightforward price quotes and follow ups. Will continue to use them and recommend to friends.
Jz L
Jz L
UPDATED post follow up: Service team returned call and fixed an appointment readily for next day as promised. Both fans are in good working condition 🙏🏻 Hope that YeoBuild can be impeccable in all aspects going forward, not solely zoomed in just for new accounts. Will return for other repairs and services if need to! Initial appointment was set up fast but received many calls for new slot allocation to fix on 1. Handyman is good and professional, mentioned that for follow up of capacitor replacement, the team will be in touch soon once we make payment for the new units. The ones he has did not fit ours hence the follow up appointment is required. Right after the first trip, email summary and invoice came for follow up. But no one reached out to give status nor make appointment for the expected service for replacement. Its been 2-3 weeks. I called once and they mentioned will check exact and lmk, still no updates so far.
Ilsun Cho
Ilsun Cho
We had Mr Yap, came to repair our oven. He was very competant, effective and professional when repairing our oven. He arrived on time. Give him two thumbs up ! He was just great !

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