At the end of a long day, you may long to meet your family, your pet. However, a nice hot shower to relax your sore body is just as alluring. The on-demand instant water heater, or an insulated tank water heater – the idea to get the best out of your household water heating and ensure the supply of hot water when you need it most. When in comes to water heater maintenance, which is better?

In the section below, we compare the two, and possibly give you some handy tips on which water heater installation you will prefer:

heater maintenance

1. Space – For a Singapore resident, the value of space doesn’t need to be emphasized. With limited space in residential units, be prepared to dedicate a decent amount of room for the storage tank water heater installation. From purely the perspective of water heater installation, instant water heaters are just a small unit that can be placed near the shower head. On the other hand, a storage tank water heater definitely needs a broader ceiling space. Visually speaking, the storage tanks might need extra investment in false ceilings to conceal them during a water heater installation. The instant heaters are more likely to create an unseemly sight near the shower head.

2. Heating time – Instant water heater, as the name suggests, heats the water up “instantly” but never quite fully. This is suitable for a quick shower. However, for a long bath, it’s always more effective to have the storage tank water heater which takes about 10-15 minutes (dependent on size) to heat it up.

3. Water Pressure – Due to the capacity of tank water heater, they are more suited for long showers, unlike the instant heaters, which have a much lower water pressure. In fact, the instant water heaters are fitted with a water flow restrictor, so a small volume of water can be quickly heated up, unlike the tank storage heaters which can accept and dispense water at the same rate. As such, customers who go for storage tank water heater installation will find that their hot showers tend to have better water pressure, as compared to instant water heater.

4. Cost – Our experiences with water heater installation tells that investing in a tank water heater is usually ideal for families, where they can share a big amount of hot water over a certain period of time. By contrast, instant water heater would be needed for each bathroom and toilet unit, increasing both device and water heater installation costs for the family, if the home is big.

water heater maintenance: instant vs tank

As you can see above, there is no single rule of thumb to decide on what might be the best water heater of choice for households in Singapore. However, it is worth weighing the pros and cons of each, taking into account the size of your home and your lifestyle patterns. After all, no compromises on that relaxing hot shower, right?