It is no doubt that washing machines are every person’s best friend. It lets you skip the scrubbing and get clean clothes in a whiff. With constant usage over time, it can lead to some minor damages. Here are some common problems you need to keep an eye on with your washing machine.

The appliance is not working

The most common problem is of course a faulty washing machine. Start to check the main power switch for any loose wirings. You may also check if the power socket is not working or if the fuse is working properly or etc. If it’s not any of those problems, check the door lock if it’s working fine.

In some cases, the main power switch or the control module (PCB) of the washing machine stops working. Need help with live wires? Call your local washing machine technician to give it a quick check.

It is making unusual noises

You have to have a sharp eye or ear on this one. There might be objects trapped in between the outer tub and drum that’s causing all the fuss. Common retrieved items are coins and debris that are from around the heater between the drum and it can cause damage to the machine and your clothing. Make sure to clear out all pockets before giving them a spin.

With constant dirt, soon enough the bearings of the washing machine will also start to degrade and become faulty causing a loud noise while spinning. Operating a washing machine with a faulty bearing can cause fatal damage. If your washing machine might have this problem then it should be time to call a washing machine repair service.

Washing machines are overfilled or underfilled

This is most probably due to the pressure switch not operating as intended. There might be a variety of causes, either the switch is faulty, there is a hole in the pressure pipe or it has come off, or there is a blockage in the pressure chamber. Do a quick switch check, blow into it, and listen for one or two clicks, if you hear them then it’s fine. A close inspection of the hose should indicate if it’s working well or not, just make sure to remove and wash the chamber to clear it. If you attach a filter to the water intake pipe, make sure you clean the filter.

It’s not spinning

Connect both the spinning mechanism and drainage system. if the drainage doesn’t work then the machine will definitely not spin. There is a blockage in the pump filter or the hose from the drum connected to the pump. It is also possible that the motor’s carbon brushes may be worn-out, if the motor does not have brushes then there is a chance that the motor capacitor failed. In some cases the motor belt from the drum may have snapped. Need further assistance? Call for washing machine repair services.


Water leaking from soap drawer

There are various reasons for this problem. Water pressure is too strong, there’s a build-up of undissolved detergent, blocked drain pipe, over-filling, a lot of suds, wind surge in power supply. You can never be so sure, we recommend getting professional help to provide the washing machine repair services.

And the list goes on. There are a lot of probable reasons why your washing machine is malfunctioning. It’s always best to have a professional take a look at your washing machine and save you time from figuring out how to fix it.

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