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Replacing a washing machine can be a pricey business. That’s why you can count on Yeobuild HomeRepair to help you solve any and every single washer issue you may encounter.

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What Are the Types of Washing Machine That We Repair?

Replacing a washing machine can be a pricey business. That’s why you can count on Yeobuild HomeRepair to help you solve any and every single washer issue you may encounter.

semi automatic

Semi-Automatic top-loading

Two tubs are incorporated in a semi-automatic washer, one feature is meant for washing and the other is meant for drying clothes. If drying is required, the items are then manually moved to the drying tub for the drying cycle to begin immediately after washing.
fully automatic

Fully Automatic top-loading

The most popular kind of washing machines are the fully automatic ones. The lid of the washing tub is closed after placing the clothes inside. The machine operates automatically and completes the entire cycle from washing to drying after the necessary functions have been configured. Depending on the model, you can choose only wash, wash and dry, or any other functions.

washer and dryer combination

Washer and dryer combination

Washer-dryer combinations are a single appliance with a single cabinet that houses both the washing machine and the dryer, as opposed to a set of washer and dryer. Although they are not widely used, they can be useful for people who live in very small homes or flats because they don’t take up much space.


Stackable washing machine

If you need to run a number of loads with ease but just have a tiny space for your machine, then this is the most ideal kind for you. If necessary, a front-loading washer and dryer can be stacked to take up more vertical space as opposed to floor space. These often have a very large interior that enables you to wash larger items or loads without compromising the machine’s cleaning power. They are the best at handling bigger loads and are also thought to be the most water-efficient of all washing machine kinds because they use less water each load.


Integrated washing machine

Generally speaking, a cabinet door is installed in front of the integrated washing machine. Since the kitchen units support the machine and help it fit in with the decor, it is frequently positioned there rather than anywhere else.

compact or portable

Compact or portable washing machine

If you live in an apartment or a tiny home and a full-size washer is not the most suitable choice for your space, then portable washing machines are the perfect ones for you. Because portable washing machines have a small capacity, it’s very convenient to use when you don’t have room for a full-sized machine.

Top 10 Common Washing Machine Problems

Washing machine is not starting

It’s possible that your washing machine stopped functioning overnight or won’t respond when you try to use it again. There are lots of possible causes, such as when the breaker may trip occasionally, cutting off power to the appliance. Making sure that the machine is getting power is the best place to begin. In the worst-case scenarios, there can be a problem with one of the machine’s electrical parts.

The washing machine is making a lot of noise

Just to be clear, there is no such thing as a quiet washing machine, and there is nothing that can be done to stop them from making that amount of noise. However, if you notice that there are stronger noises than usual, your mind should raise alerts. During a cycle, small objects caught in the clothes might frequently bounce around. It’s really straightforward to remedy that. But , if something gets caught in the drum, you might need to make room so you can look all around it. That noise will continue as long as there is debris inside the drum.

The washing machine is vibrating too much

It’s not unusual to see a washing machine vibrate. A slight vibration will occur with that level of force. Even wobbling isn’t always a reason for alarm. After all, it can just be that one of the legs is shorter than the rest. That can be tightened up and fixed. However, it’s a problem if your washing machine is overtly bouncing. It’s possible that your shock absorbers are completely broken, in which case any force will cause your washing machine to start bouncing around.

Washing machine water not draining

This typically indicates that the drainage filter is clogged or that the pump has stopped working. To save your washing, you should first empty the water from the sink. The drain hose should be removed, placed in a bucket, and then let gravity do its thing. Be prepared to replace the bucket if necessary.

Clothes Are Getting Ripped

If your clothes are getting ripped during a wash cycle, then this could mean that foreign objects getting caught in the drum are causing the clothes to tear. Do a thorough inspection of your machine to remove any debris that needs to be removed.

The washing machine door is not opening

It can feel like you’re trying to open a bank vault when a washing machine door won’t open because they are made to be highly airtight. Setting the washing machine on another cycle may fix the issue because washing machines won’t open if water is still detected inside. Make sure to check the filter and drain to make sure nothing is preventing the water from emptying there.

The washing machine is not spinning

Your item must first go through the spin cycle before being transferred to the dryer. They become rather heavy once it has absorbed all the water, and is wrung dry using high-velocity cycles in the spin cycle. Frequently, it is just a matter of the load being too small or large. It only requires a minor readjustment to work. If the washing machine is routinely overloaded, it’s conceivable that the suspension will become broken or misaligned.

There is water leaking from the soap drawer.

The soap dispenser drawer of a washing machine occasionally leaks water fairly heavily. You should be aware of what the washing machine does when the water leaks in order to identify the source. If it leaks when filling, there may be an issue with the water pressure. The tub may be full to the brim if the leak occurs during the rinse or wash cycle. Additionally, you can have a partial blockage in the drainage system if water only seeps from the drawer during the spin cycle.

The washing machine causes electric shock or grounding

If a washing machine gives you an electric shock, it might not have been properly earthed. The majority of large appliances conduct their earthing through a wire in the cable that is attached to the wall outlet. In order to be safe, one must feel connected to the soil. If the energy doesn’t find a way to the ground, it will remain inside the device and shock whoever touches it after them.

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Annie Ho
Annie Ho
My home microwave (Turbo Incanto) broke down and initially i was sceptical to call for a home repair service! Thankfully, I found a reliable microwave repair service in Yeobuild. Their technician, Mr Syafiq came down at the appointed day/time and gave sound advice on the job scope after checking my microwave (heating system failed). Initial $60 fee was waived and all-inclusive $190 fee paid for repairs, transport, delivery, installation, spare parts, etc. No hidden charges and fees are transparent as quoted by Mr Syafiq. Job completed in 3 days with Invoice (cash payment) and Job Report emailed to me promptly. Thank you for the excellent service. Highly Recommended.
sandra a
sandra a
I've used yeobuild three times - for my wine fridge, washing machine and oven. All three times, the items were repaired professionally and in a timely manner. No idea if it is good value as I didn't compare prices, but I appreciate the prompt appointments, straightforward price quotes and follow ups. Will continue to use them and recommend to friends.
Jz L
Jz L
UPDATED post follow up: Service team returned call and fixed an appointment readily for next day as promised. Both fans are in good working condition 🙏🏻 Hope that YeoBuild can be impeccable in all aspects going forward, not solely zoomed in just for new accounts. Will return for other repairs and services if need to! Initial appointment was set up fast but received many calls for new slot allocation to fix on 1. Handyman is good and professional, mentioned that for follow up of capacitor replacement, the team will be in touch soon once we make payment for the new units. The ones he has did not fit ours hence the follow up appointment is required. Right after the first trip, email summary and invoice came for follow up. But no one reached out to give status nor make appointment for the expected service for replacement. Its been 2-3 weeks. I called once and they mentioned will check exact and lmk, still no updates so far.
Ilsun Cho
Ilsun Cho
We had Mr Yap, came to repair our oven. He was very competant, effective and professional when repairing our oven. He arrived on time. Give him two thumbs up ! He was just great !