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Washing machines are one of the most used appliances in Singapore households. Without you exerting too much effort, these washing machines can wash and clean your clothes. Because a lot of people use this, several myths surrounding this appliance arise. And that these myths would require clarity so as not to confuse a lot of homeowners. To enlighten you on this, we have identified five common washing machine myths and provide answers as to why they are not true.

Myth 1: Washing machines do not require regular cleaning

Many people might believe that since a washing machine primarily uses water and soap to wash, the machine does not need its own cleaning already. However, this is really not the case. Your washing machine picks up things such as bacteria, dirty soap, dirt, and mildew, among others. If you would not clean it, you would risk getting it to smell musty. In order to avoid this, see to it that you would regularly wash your machines. We are not really suggesting washing it right away after using it. You can do a thorough cleaning once a week or once a month to get rid of any odor or contaminants that remained in your washing machine.

To clean the exterior of your washing machine, you can use a damp cloth. We also suggest cleaning the inlet hose filters because they can affect the water flow. Failure to do so would only result to a permanent damage. If you think you’re washing machine is damaged, never hesitate to call for washing machine repairs right away.

Myth 2: Using more detergent would get your clothes cleaner

This is another myth, that people believe in, but instead breaks a lot of washing machines. The residue of the detergents will build up in the washer, causing bad odor and even component failures. Also, using more detergent will make it difficult for the machine to rinse your clothes. So we suggest placing the right amount of detergent. There are already washing machines that would identify how much washing machine that the number of your clothes would need.

Myth 3: Overloading a washing machine damages it

Your washing machine always comes with a defined capacity of load that they are able to handle. The capacity that we talking about here is measured in kilograms and volumes. While it is true that placing all of your clothes in one go is not really ideal to achieve a good wash, the fact that doing so would damage your machine right away is not really factual. A washing machine tip that we can provide is that you may completely fill out your machine as long as you are careful in doing so. And that you apply minimum compression on your clothes.

Myth 4: Temperature of water is not significant

It is a proven fact that heat is capable of disinfecting your clothes. Aside from being able to act as a disinfectant, waerm water is also essential in treating stains. So to say that the temperature of water is insignificant is a reach. Warm water actually helps. However, you have to check out the temperature that your clothes can handle.

Myth 5: Nothing gets stuck in a washing machine

Finally, one of the most overlooked washing machine myths is that nothing would get stuck in a washing machine. As a homeowner, you have to take note of the fact that your machine can be fragile, too. So if you would forget a small object, say a pin or coin, it may end up sticking in the outlet pump. This small object may end up damaging your system while washing it. You might end up having to buy a new washing machine. So better check out the pockets of your clothes, make sure that they are empty before placing them inside the machine.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have learned to delineate the facts from all these myths. You should know that these washing machine myths are not true. Debunking them would save you a lot of money in terms of its care and maintenance. So the next time you use your washing machine, you already know what to do.