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Water leakage in an HDB flats is such a quite complex thing to resolve. First, you need to identify the source of the leakage and talk to your neighbor on how to repair it. At the same time, you may be thinking who will be responsible for the repair and who will pay the cost of the repair.

If you settle things out, you may engage a reliable plumber to fix the water leakage properly.  Somehow to give you an idea on how to repair the water leakage, we have listed some steps that we think you should know to fix leakage in between your unit and your unit’s neighbours.

1. Identifying the source of the water leakage

There are two types of source of water leaks in an HDB flat namely the rain-related and the plumbing-related. The plumbing-related usually involves leaks from the toilet or kitchen drain or the flush tank.  For example, if your neighbour is taking a shower or flushing the toilet bowl, in case there are leaks then water will naturally drop into your ceiling and may run in the wall. This is caused by broken pipes or cracks toilet bowl and flush tank.

The rain-related usually happens when the rainwater seeps into the windows sill and run down to your neighbour’s floor. Usually, the leakage will drop onto your ceiling and drops to your place.  Rain-related leakage is a common problem in condos. If you have known the source of water leakage, then you start fixing it to avoid much damage that may disturb and harm your health.

2. Fixing the plumbing-related water leakage problem

Plumbing-related water leakage may come from the water pipes or the drain pipes. If in case the leakage comes in the water pipes, you must check the old fittings if they are broken or worn out. Replace these old fittings with the new fittings with the correct size and types of pipes.

For the PVC pipes and ABS, you need special glue and primer to connect the new fittings with the old pipes. Some types of pipes need plumbing tape and washers to secure the fittings well.

   Meanwhile, for the broken or crack pipes, you must apply the pipelining process. This requires you to put a saturated epoxy to the cracked drain pipe. Let it stay for a few hours, and do not open the water supply. If possible, let it stay for 24 hours for complete drying. Usually, the crack may come from your shower drain pipe. This process can spare you from replacing the old pipe and prevent you from any difficult labor and saves time and money too.

For a damaged water supply system that often comes from loose fittings, you may try tightening them. In some cases, the washer is already worn out, you must replace it with a new one right away to stop the leak. You may also replace the entire fittings if there is a still a leakage. You just have to choose the correct measurements of the fittings that have the same size and types with the old water pipes.

3. Resolving the rain-related water leakage

The rain-related water leaks may drop in your living area or bedroom. For this problem, you may apply a water-tight membrane on your neighbour’s concrete floor and walls at least eight inches. This may stop the leakage around your place when it rains. You may also install it on your flooring to avoid the same problem with the unit below.

To ease you from discomfort you may suggest the above steps to your neighbour in repairing the water leakage. Meanwhile, if the problem persists, it is advisable to call an experienced plumber to fix all these defects. Hence, this will spare you from stress and headaches.