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The bills are escalating from time to time. More people are looking for ways to save money. Probably, you are looking forward to sales to have significant savings.

There are other ways to keep money and pass less on bills. Here are some tips that we think can help you save money at home:

1. Opt for LED bulbs and solar lights

LED bulbs are energy saving than the incandescent bulbs. In one case, if you install an incandescent bulb and use it for 30 minutes each day for two years, this will cost you about $3.50. In Singapore, the electric tariffs from January to March of 2019 is around 25.52 cents per KWH, according to Energy Markey Authority. This means you can save more in electric bill if you use the LED bulb in the same period as that of the incandescent bulb.

It will make a lot different in energy cost when you use the LED bulbs. Hence, it is advisable that you install LED lights in your living area, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom including your lampshade. Likewise, if you use inexpensive solar lights you can also save energy and reduce your electric bill.

2. Install ceiling fans

AC consumes much energy, especially during warm and hot days. Hence, it is better if you use ceiling fans in your home. The ceiling fans can save around 4 to 8% on cooling costs. Experts say that an air conditioner can rate at around $0.36 per hour. Meanwhile, a ceiling fan costs only $0.01 per hour. That is a lot of money to save.

3. Do simple home repair jobs

You can keep lots of money if you do simple home repairs by yourself. You can look for DIY workshops and learn from their lessons, which you can apply in your home. These include installing lighting, tiles, backsplash, and refinishing furniture and cabinets, or even repainting the walls of your home.

On the other hand, household repairs such as electrical and plumbing works must be performed by the professionals. It is advisable that you call an experienced home repair technician to do these complicated tasks to avoid damages and cost surges.  

4. Unplug your appliances and gadgets

Most of the time you forget to unplug your appliances and gadgets when not in use. This consumes energy and adds to your electric bill each month. You can save around 5 to 10% on your electric bill when you unplug your appliances and gadgets when you are not using them. By this means, you can save money and use it for other purposes.

5. Grow an herb garden

Herbs are easy to plant and you can grow them inside your home. You may only put them along the window sills or on a pergola rack and place it in front of your windows where sunlight can reach them. It can help you save rather than buying them at a grocery store.

6. Use natural cleaners

Using brand name cleaners each day is quite costly. Why not make your own cleaners by using baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice and peels, among others. These things are also found to be efficient in cleaning your home and kitchen appliances. Likewise, you can economise money.

7. Recycle and reuse

There are many things that you can recycle in your home. You may reuse them or you can bring them to recycle shop for cash. Among the things that you can recycle are electronics, plastic bottles, papers, boxes, cartons, paper plates, and cups, among others.

8. Clean the filters

Check out the filters of your aircon, and dishwasher, among others. You must clean or change them if needed. This thing can make these appliances run properly and can save energy, thus reducing the monthly electric bill. In addition, you may also clean your dryer screen to make it energy efficient. 9.

9. Get a Home Warranty

A home warranty is like a home maintenance plan or an insurance policy for your home appliances including the systems. In case, your home appliances are damaged, they can be fixed with no additional charges once you have a home warranty. You can save a lot of money if your appliances are covered by a home warranty as home repair fees are quite pricey.

Saving money in your home is indeed possible. You only have to do the above tips and train yourself in spending less on other matters. Sure, it will make you financially stress-free.