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We have to recycle Plastic bags! They can be seen everywhere. You can see them in the grocery stores, shopping malls, and markets. The worst thing is you can also spot them in the oceans, in which marine animals mistakenly see them as a nutrient.

This material takes about 100 years to break down. Hence, it is one reason that you see lots of plastics around the surroundings. With the outstanding quantity and economic consumption of plastic bags, it is advisable to reuse or recycle them. To contribute ideas on how to repurpose them, we have listed some ways that we reckon you can do with plastic bags:

1. Garbage liners

Gather the plastic bags that you draw from stores in one large recycle bin and place it in your patio or backyard. Repurpose these used plastic bags as garbage liners. This will accommodate the trashes well and can easily dispose of.

It is also best if you have plastic bags in the biodegradable trash bin. The trashes are kept in plastic bags for easy decomposition.

2. Vegetable peel bags

Biodegradable such as vegetable or fruit peels must be broken up and recycle. They can be used as fertilizers for growing plants. To hold and separate them from other scraps you may find a used plastic bag and invest all your vegetables/fruit skins in it every time you prepare for cooking meals. Wait till they will rot within a plastic bag and utilise them as plant food.

3. Garbage bags

If you run out of garbage bin or it is already full, you may find a used plastic bag as a mini garbage bin. You can simply hang it along with your kitchen service door or simply set it along the floor. You may also place it in your bathroom, bedroom, patio, and kitchen. You can also put and use it inside your automobile.

4. Grocery bags

If you are going to buy anything in the market or grocery store, you can use the plastic bag instead of buying a new one. It will save you from littering plastic bags as well as save a little total of money as well.

5. Food storage

Plastic bags, particularly the zipper plastic bags can be recycled as food storage.  Simply, first, rinse them thoroughly. You can put vegetables or fruits or other food in plastic bags. Even so, be certain that the plastic bags are #2 or #4, which are safe plastic materials and could not contaminate the food with chemicals.

6. Leftover soap bag

Sometimes there are leftovers of soap on the soap containers. You can place these leftovers in a plastic bag. You will be surprised one day that you can make a new soap bar out of it. You may also use it in washing your hands.

7. Starter pots for plants

Take a plastic bag and dig small holes underneath it. Fill it with soil and plant. This is good for growing seeds.

8. Toy storage

If you want to categorise the toys of your children, you may recycle plastic bags. You may put the Lego blocks in one plastic bag and the old puzzles in the other bag. Likewise, you may divide the old toys and unused toys in the plastic bags and donate them.

9. Covering of plants

You may use the plastic bags as covering for fragile plants, particularly during frost or cold days. Besides, you can cut through a newly grown fruit with plastic bags to prevent it from pest or caterpillars.

10. Christmas ornament storage

Used plastic bags are safe when you are packing away Christmas decors and ornaments. It will separate each ornament and will hold them intact in the plastic bag. Then, put them in the large box and place it in the attic or storage area.

11. Scented sachet

You can make the plastic bag as a scented sachet. Simply put cotton balls and pour a few drops of aromatic essential oil. Then, place them in a plastic bag. Poke some small holes in the bag. You may put it in your toilet table, closets, and cabinet drawers.

12. Side mirrors cover

When it is snowing, you may cover the side mirrors of your car with a plastic bag. Besides, you can cut through the windshield wipers with the bag to sustain it from snow.

13. Laundry bag

When you are traveling or in other situations, you can employ the plastic purse to stack away your muddy clothes. You can also use it to store your shoes or slippers or other things you will be using when you travel.

14. Crafting

If you receive loads of plastic bags you can craft them into something useful. You can produce a woven plastic basket, a plastic flower, a plastic yarn, a ruffled lampshade, an outdoor pillowcase, plastic rug, and plastic bag beads, among others. You can decorate the plastic flower in one of the rooms of your house or invest it in the kitchen countertop.

Equally well, you can lay the outdoor pillowcase in the patio or terrace. No need to worry when it rains because plastic is water-proof. Likewise, the plastic rug is ideal to place in the kitchen as spills on the floor can be rinsed by the plastic rug.

Plastic bags are indeed useful for your home. In one instance, you do not desire to reuse them or you have plenty of it, you can bring your collected plastic bags to the nearest recycling center. In this manner, they will be of use to other people and also you can help in cleaning the environment