Once the sun starts to shine the brightest and the hottest, we all know what it means! Summer! Summer is the time that our kids have a lot of free time. Most of our kids are free from school and other activities, due to summer vacation.  Kids mostly stay at home, if they don’t have any other summer activities to attend to.  As a parent, it also becomes a challenge on how to keep these kids busy and entertained while staying at home. Worry no more, as there are a lot of summer kitchen activities to be enjoyed with the kids! Check out our article and find out perfect ways to bond with your kids by having some summer kitchen activities!

Beat the summer heat! 

Since summer seasons in Singapore are extremely hot, we can always find ways on how to beat it with summer kitchen activities! There are a lot of recipes and food ideas that you could make with your kids at home this summer! 

You can try the following recipes: 

1. Chocolate-dipped frozen bananas

Kids would always go with ice cream! Everybody’s favorite on a warm sunny day right?  But since ice creams are hard to make, especially if you don’t have the right kind of equipment, the chocolate-dipped frozen banana is the perfect alternative! Same good treat, but less the sugar! All you have to do is to freeze the peeled banana overnight which is skewered on barbeque stick.  In the morning, or when the kids are ready, you can let them dip the frozen bananas into melted chocolates! Yum, a healthy ice cream popsicle!  You can add more fun into the banana by adding some nuts, candy sprinkles and other colorful candies that you and your kids will love! 

2. Frozen Apple Donuts

Next to ice creams,  donuts come second to kids favorite! You can try to have a frozen apple donut as an enjoyable summer kitchen activity with the kids!  The same process goes, all you have to do is to slice the apples horizontally, poke a hole in the middle of each slice to remove the seeds! Once the apple already looks like a donut, you can now put this into the fridge, or in the freezer.  Once ready, you can now have the kids spread some chocolate frostings, whipped creams or any other toppings they want. They can also add some nuts, candies or any of their favorite donut topper!

Most of these activities will be needing the usage of the fridge or the freezer, should you have any problems with it, be sure to have a professional refrigerator repair service!  

Summer Kid Entrepreneur

Having a lot of time at home is just a hard way to spend the summer season! Why not help out kids to make the most out of their time preparing for their finances? One of the best summer kitchen activities is to have the kids prepare some stuff in the kitchen which they can sell out in the neighborhood! As a parent, you are not only having a great bonding moment with your kids with the kitchen preparation, but you also make them educated on handling their finances. 

1. Selling Pina Colada or Lemonades

This fun kitchen entrepreneurial activity is the most worthwhile doing. All you need to have is to choose some fresh lemons to be squeezed out and to be made into lemonade or a summer cooler. Preparation is so much fun, plus, your kids can earn money while enjoying.  You can set up a tiny stall on kiddie parks and help your child sell it to other kids! This also helps your children to have social interaction with other kids which is a great way for them to gain friends!  

2. Home-Baked Goodies Sale

Developing a child to learn a lot of skills while they are young could be a great investment in their future. Apart from keeping them busy while on summer break, preparing baked goodies to be sold to friends and neighborhood could be a good way of earning money as well.  You can have your kid as your kitchen assistant while baking some cookies, cakes, and other oven recipes online to be sold with other people.  If you don’t have the space to set up a selling booth, you can have your kid take photos of it and do the online selling. You can have your friends as customers! Isn’t it a  great way to train your kids with baking skills and entrepreneurial skills? Who would know? Might be in the future, your kids could be the next business tycoon, trained in your very own kitchen?  A perfectly working oven is needed for safety and baking success! 

Science Experiments

Just even inside the kitchen, our kids could still learn and do some science experiments! Learning while at home is a great way to add to their experiences!  They could use this in their lives as they grow up! Having some science experiments could be a great addition to their summer kitchen activities. Science experiments shouldn’t stop when school lets out for summer.

There are a lot of experiments that they could do with online guides, and of course with parental supervision. You can check this online guide to have a great number of online experiments to be performed with your children while staying at the kitchen during summer vacation! 

Instead of having the kids spend a lot of time with their Ipads, Tablets and the internet! There are a lot of many ways on how to keep their summer vacation all worth the while! Just be more resourceful and creative, surely your kids will enjoy spending time with you in the kitchen!