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Looking for Space Saving Tips? 

As more and more people are relocating into new areas, home spaces are becoming harder to find, especially for families. Flats in the country are getting limited year by year with the space they’ve got to offer. Living in HDB flats provide a lot of positive things. Not only that they construct HDBs on well-planned and developed areas, but also they are economical. Looking on the other side, one of the downsides of living in it means that we also have a smaller space to use.  It gives you a limited space to use and enjoy at home.  This means that you will not be able to place in all of the things that you want to put inside the house. 

With this article, single, couples or families, and even just roommates could find innovative ways on space-saving. We have a lot of tips for you.  Just grab your pen and paper! Let’s start creating more spaces for your home and learn about space-saving tips for smaller homes.

1. Use the S-H-E (Suspend, Hang, and Elevate) principle. 

Space-saving in tiny homes for sure does a challenging job. With limited spaces, bulk items such as drawers, cabinets, and appliances become hard to be placed.  This makes the SHE or the suspend, hang, and elevate an excellent technique in saving space in smaller homes. Instead of directly keeping these home fixtures flat on the floor,  you can suspend or hang them somewhere in the house. Vertical spaces at homes make most of the wasted or unused spaces in one’s house.  Appliances such as televisions, radios, and speakers are the ones best to hang into the walls. Instead of having them placed in racks or cabinets, you will be able to save more space if these types of appliances are wall-mounted.  The same concept goes in with cupboards and drawers.  The vertical areas should be maximised to make space for other things. 

These space-saving tips do not only maximise space at home, but it also leaves an excellent aesthetic value inside homes.

2. Use convertible fixtures.

Convertible fixtures are becoming things of the present. Instead of having different furniture, convertibles could offer more than just one use. Convertible chairs, for example, it helps you to manage space in the home by increasing the portion used as passage area. It also helps you to promote easy navigation in an enclosed room.  Apart from space-saving, it also gives you some savings on fixtures spending. Another type of convertible furniture is expandable tables, foldable beds, and even living room drawers. In families, convertibles are also helpful since they are mobile and easy to move. It could be a useful safety feature at home, especially for small children.  It also permits good airflow that leads to proper ventilation inside the house. 

3. Use neutral and fresh paint colors.

Yes, house color or painting is also a space-saving tip!  The eyes perceive bigger spaces if it looks into neutral and cool tones.  It has been a proven principle for smaller houses to use colors such as white, cream, and pale blue hues to make a bigger-looking space. This way, the horizontal and vertical views of the eyes are unlimited. Natural lights from the outside could enter freely into our homes because of the light color. Once a room is lit up naturally, it creates a brighter image projection that brightens up even the tiny spaces in the house’s corners. It might be a space-saving tip per se, but at least helps you create a better viewing angle of the house. 

Light colors also help you create a better emotional viewpoint. Colors affect us psychologically. Bright colors are associated with a sense of lightness and joy.

4. Repurpose your sink.  

If you live in an HDB flat that is not using the sink a lot, it makes a good help to repurpose it. Repurposing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to totally overhaul the sink. Kitchens, in fact, are one of the most cluttered portions of the house. Why not make use of the sink as an additional space by having a plyboard cover, which could be used as additional space when not in use. This space-saving tip is very useful for singles or couples who rarely use their sink. It could be a tabletop counter that could be used in placing microwave ovens or other kitchen fixtures. This also makes a home smarter by being able to utilise and maximise spaces which are rarely used. 

 5. Use under storages. 

Under storages are drawers or bins which could be placed under other furniture or home fixtures. There are so many available under storages in the market. Shoe storage boxes could be placed under the beds or staircases. It does not only save huge amount of space but also leaves a house free from bulky clutters. It helps homeowners to manage their belongings properly and organised.  Staircases could also be a great spot for keeping some items. As far as space-saving tips go, this one by far makes the best decision.  Empty spaces under the space are the ones best utilised with the smallest efforts required. Just have some custom-made drawers, with racks and shelves, then voila! Instant space!

There might be a lot of ways on how to maximise space at home, the most important is to be wise enough in creating some. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve your space-saving goal. Your home is your kingdom, be more creative in maximising it!