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There are multiple ways to cut down on your energy cost. Most people are advocating this practice not just to save money, but to also help the environment. But the real question is, what are the most practical ways to slash your energy bills? This post will give you some of the best ones without the need to slash your wallets.

Turn Off Lights or Appliances When Not In Use

We know that this is fairly simple and a no-brainer, however most of us do not practice turning off lights and appliances. Ask yourself. How hard is it to turn off your lights? How much effort do you need to unplug your appliances? It wouldn’t take a minute to do these, right? With a simple habit, you can save so much in a year!

And since we are talking about lights, you can take advantage of task lighting. So if you are working on your desk, you can use table lamps instead.

Do you know how much money you waste when you leave 10 incandescent bulb for 1 hour everyday? That adds around SGD 30 per year to your bill. This doesn’t seem much but imagine not turning off your other appliances. 

Get Energy Saving Bulbs

Perhaps, it’s the best time to change your incandescent light bulbs and save on energy bills. You can find different options such as CFL and LED. These lights can save as much as 80% energy compared to the traditional ones. Plus, it can last longer. This might cost a bit more expensive than traditional light bulbs, but if you will do the math, you would realize that you are saving a lot on energy bills in the long run.

Just a quick trivia here. If you change most of your light fixtures at home with energy saving ones, you can save around SGD80 to SGD100 per year

Consider Using Power Strips

It is a good idea to use power strips if you have appliances that are being used in one area. Think about your entertainment space where your television, speakers or DVD players are together. These appliances can use just one power strip where you can switch them all off at once, when not in use. Another example would be your work area where your computer, printers and scanners can take one power strip. By purchasing your own power strip, you can save as much as SGD125 per year as this practice will avoid phantom energy loss.

Regularly Check Your Windows and Doors For Cracks

Having cracks on your doors and windows are a big no-no, most especially if you are using an air conditioner or cooler. These cracks can let out the cool air and that will turn into wasted energy. Make sure to check it as often as you can, and seal when necessary.

Paint Your Interior in Lighter Hues

Doing some home improvement soon? Why not paint your home in light colors and take advantage of the natural light? This is pretty helpful during the hot days because walls which are lighter can absorb lesser heat compared to darker colored-walls.

Do Things Manually

What’s good in today’s world is that most things are automatic and instant. But that same technology is also one of the reasons why we get lazy. For example, we rely so much on dishwashers and dryers where in fact, we can do the dish washing by hand and we can hand-dry our clothes. If you wish to cut down on energy bills, look at house chores that you can do manually. That’s good for your wallet, and it isn’t bad to flex those muscles from time to time,  is it?

Who says you have to replace all your appliances to save on energy bills? You can do it right now and the trick is just to change your habit and to take advantage of going ‘natural’.