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A cooker hood is one of the most valuable appliances in a modern Singapore home. Aside from eliminating bad odor and steam when you cook, this appliance also helps keep your kitchen free from mold and stench. Because of the functions that it is able to provide, you would surely want to have a functioning cooker hood for your home. If it ever breaks, then you would most certainly need a cooker hood repair servicing from a reputable repair servicing company right away.

You may not notice it right away, but there are certainly signs when you would need a cooker hood repair servicing. These signs may be minute, but they can damage your hoods if you do not check on them immediately. So what are the signs that would signal you to have a cooker hood repair? Well, we have listed them down below and explained each of them briefly.

When the lights are not working

The first thing that you need to check before you ask for a cooker hood repair is the light. When it does not work, you may opt to change it to a newer one. But if that option does not still work, then you might have overused the bulb. The lights of your cooker hood are not designed to be left on all the time. Leaving the lights on for a long time can cause the plastic holders to wear out. Hence, you should have it checked by a licensed cooker hood repair service company right away.

When your cooker hood is not extracting air properly

If you have been using your cooker hood for a while but it suddenly stopped functioning properly, then you should consider this as a major sign that you need to have it repaired. One of the main reason why it has stopped extracting air is its that the filter may have been blocked or clogged. You actually fix it by yourself by simply removing the flap and either unclogging the filter or changing them. You have to do this periodically. Since the particles would get stuck in the filters, they would ultimately damage your cooker hood.

When it is producing excessive noise

When your cooker hood begins producing excessive and disturbing noise, that could pose a problem to your appliance. There are a lot of causes to this one, many of which require repair. One reason could be the fact that the non-return valve has come loose. This valve may create a clapping sound due to grease. Another reason for the noise could be the fact that the impeller is not screwed on tightly. When the impellers would end up rubbing against a foreign object, they can generate a lot of noise. So be sure to have a servicing company look into it immediately.

When your cooker hood has faulty switches and outlets

When your cooker hood has faulty switches and outlets, you could risk not being able to open your hood properly. It may not even power up at all. If your appliance has no power due to these faulty outlets and switches, then you may have to call for a professional technician to do the fixing right away. Other causes of your cooker hood not powering may be the breaker that has tripped or a fuse that may have blown. Failure to do so would lead to a damaged appliance. You would need to get a new cooker hood replacement if that happens.

Wrapping Up

When you see one of these signs in your cooker hood, do not hesitate to call a professional technician that provides cooker hood repair servicing. There are a lot of choices in Singapore, but you should consider the repair company with reputable credentials.