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Starting up a restaurant or food business is surely one of the most challenging and promising types of business endeavors. The stress and confusion that every start-up and existing business owners with the choice and maintenance of kitchen equipment is never-ending. With that being discussed, we are here to help you with every restaurant’s kitchen equipment checklist!

Keeping track of many different types of equipment in the restaurant kitchen is surely so stressful and confusing. That is why we have narrowed down the list to the top 5 essential things of restaurant that every establishment needs.  This list will, of course, won’t be including those basics and common kitchen equipment. Expect that these ones are the ones that are commonly forgotten and taken for granted! 

1. Refrigeration Appliances



Refrigeration or food preservation is a critical requirement for every restaurant business. This appliance group includes refrigerators, freezers, and wine chillers. They all function to prevent food, drinks, and ingredients from spoilage. With these appliances being used and ran 24/7, it is essential to clean them periodically. An internal and external cleaning will make these appliances run efficiently. It is also required to place the refrigeration appliances away from those kitchen types of equipment that generate heat. The features and capabilities of these appliances are highly needed. Buy these appliances and follow the basic tips to keep your business running smoothly! 

2. Grease Traps



Grease traps are not appliances, but still handy kitchen equipment to have. The main function of the grease trap is to prevent further plumbing damages. Grease, sediments, and other solids from the kitchen will be filtered by the grease trap. This should be put on top of priority before starting up a food business. Grease traps should be attached to your dishwashers, prep sinks, and any other kitchen components that are connected to the plumbing network. Having a grease trap is a good way of preventive maintenance of the business. This will not only make your kitchen more sanitised, but will help you save a lot of money from repair costs in the long run! 

3. Griddles and Grills



With the versatility of griddles and grills, you will be able to serve a more complex menu to your customers. This is an ideal piece for cooking breakfast dines, burgers and sliders, and even grilled sandwiches. When you have griddles, you will not be needing to buy other kitchen appliances such as toaster,  sandwich makers and grillers.  Some griddles are customised to be more than just a griddle. With manufacturers adding deep-fryers, and even boilers on griddles, the game has been changed. Instead of using your cooker hobs, for frying, you will be able to have a dedicated space for preparing some sort of food from the menu. To make the griddles more efficient, make sure that they are properly cleaned at every end of the day. This prevents the appliance from rusting and further damage due to some oil build up. 

4. Commercial Shelves



Yes, commercial shelves should be on the top 5 of the priority equipment checklist in a restaurant. In every food service, maintaining an organised kitchen is very essential. It will be a great help to keep all the kitchen materials properly on commercial shelves. Aside from organising the kitchen, and making it tidy, it also helps the people inside the kitchen to move faster.  This will make the kitchen management more efficient to serve more customers and for the people to produce more satisfying foods! To minimize costs for buying commercial shelves, you may find a reliable welder to help you create one for your restaurant instead of buying a ready-made one.  

5. Competitive People



Of course, don’t forget to hire competent people to become a part of the restaurant’s team. You may have quality and top of the line pieces of types of equipment, but if you don’t have competency among the team, these materials will be useless. In starting a business, it should always start with the type of people who will be working to run things properly.  Looking for people to work for the business might be a challenge, still, you should be persistent in finding the right ones for you!  Hyman G. Rickover once said that “They all have excellent resumes… So what I’m trying to find out is how they will behave under pressure!” 

With all of these things being discussed, we hope that we have helped you!  Start creating good business now, start following these simple steps