• Opening Hours – Mondays to Fridays 8:30 AM-6:00 PM
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  1. Yeobuild Repair Policy requires all new customer to sign an acknowledgement form in our technician mobile apps before commencement of Checking services.
  2. Checking services are subject to no dismantling policy. Yeobuild technicians are trained with SOP and sequential inspection to conclude which section or system failure to derive the quotation. Faulty appliances will only be opened during the process of work upon customer’s approval of the quote.
  3. Yeobuild Warranty constitutes service and parts unless otherwise stated specifically or explicitly. Service warranty covers only labour whereas Part warranty covers part only.
  4. Complaint shall be filed within 24 hours of the malfunction otherwise it will be declared void. Under the Yeobuild service warranty agreement, our company has the sole right to attend to the complaint only upon FULL payment and it shall be resolved during office hours only.
  5. Complaints will only be entertained once remaining balance has been settled or payment is made in full. Complaints with unpaid or partial payment will not be entertained.
  6. All repair jobs are subject to our no tampering policy. Yeobuild HomeRepair will not be responsible for tampered repairs and any other complications involving functionality, sound, leaks, vibration caused by or that arises outside the repaired section, function or adjacent to. Our technician findings are conclusive and no request for second technician shall be allowed as all our technicians are equally trained and qualified.
  7. It is the client’s responsibility to supervise and confirm that the service has been successfully carried out before our technician leaves. Yeobuild HomeRepair will not be liable for any damages, losses or inconveniences during the service period. Any losses shall be reported to the police immediately.
  8. In case of unresolved complaints, please send a detailed message to Yeobuild HomeRepair official email address admin@yeobuild.com.sg. Expect your complaint to be responded to within 48 hours.
  9. Yeobuild HomeRepair and all their technicians are working in compliance to the PUB rules and regulations. We are not liable for any damages caused by procedure performed as per the customer’s instruction.
  10. All repair jobs shall and only be done once the quote is accepted by the customer. Works priced above $100 require a 40% cash deposit upon confirmation if NOT executed immediately on site. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NONREFUNDABLE.
  11. In the case of an uncompleted job due to hidden complications or badly damaged part that need replacement, Yeobuild HomeRepair technician might recommend added service or parts replacement at an additional cost. Failure or refusal to accept said cost will be considered a Customer Abandoned Job. The technician will not be liable for any further breakdown caused by the customers refusal. Nevertheless, Yeobuild HomeRepair reserves the right to charge for the transport and check.  Accepted cost is final, irrevocable, and indisputable.
  12. Standard repair charges apply for repairs done within office hours Monday to Friday 10AM to 5PM. Additional charges apply for work requested outside stated hours, location distance, commercial / industrial complication, high end brand or uncommon brand difficulty and complication of hidden problem.