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Renovating your old flat can enhance the overall appearance and interior of your flat. Undoubtedly, it is healthy for your entire household. Experts said that if the flat is already 25 years old, it must be renovated or refurbished.

However, you cannot just touch, remove, and add things to your old flat. First and foremost, you must own the flat before you renovate it. Likewise, there are certain things you should know on how to renovate your flat. To give you an idea, we have listed some tips to renovate your old flat.  

1. Know the renovation guidelines

Renovating a condominium unit has certain requirements that you need to follow. You must know the renovation guidelines by consulting the administration of your condominium.

For those living in an HDB flat, you may read these guidelines and requirements for renovation. These include the guidelines for building works, water and plumbing works, gas works, electrical works, and air-conditioner installation works, among others.

2. Engage an experienced and certified contractor

A contractor is the one that will work on renovating your flat based on your desires. This renovation tip helps you save effort and time! It is advisable then that you engage a certified and experienced contractor that will finish constructing your flat.

One of the HDB requirements for renovation your old flat is to employ a contractor that is listed from the Directory of Renovation Contractor (DRC). In case you have not complied with this, the guilty party will face prosecution.

3. Prepare the design concept of your flat

One of the significant things that you must consider in renovating your flat is its design. You must come up with the design that you like. You may choose a style such as contemporary, classic, modern, rustic, or minimalist, among others. Also, you can mix the style if you want.

You may incorporate this style into your flat or engage a designer to prepare the plans for you. Make sure that your design will not affect the structure of the building and public safety of your household and your neighbours. Also, it is advisable that you let your designer read the guidelines and requirements for renovation.

4. Consider some design ideas

The advisable plan for renovating a flat is to have an open-concept plan. This plan could make your flat spacious and welcoming. Incorporate the style you want and install proper lighting. You may also replace the old tiles with new ones particularly the bathroom tiles.

If you have enough budget, refurbish your kitchen cabinets with new ones with the style you like. The kitchen must be attractive as it is visible from the dining area and the living area. Repaint your walls with bright colors to make your interiors cozy and serene. Finally, decorate your flat with furnishing and accessories based on the design that you like.

5. Get approval for demolition and hacking of walls

Once the design is already finished, highlight those walls that you are going to demolish or hack. Let them approve first by the administration of the condominium or the HDB. You must show the plans to them and wait for the approval.

6. Replace broken pipes

Make sure that you replace all broken sanitary pipes, water pipes, and the fittings. They must all be in good condition. However, it is advisable that you do not change the location of the toilet and the kitchen because this may cause leakages in your neighbour’s unit below. On the other hand, if you really want to change their locations you may get approval from the administration of the condominium.

7. Clean up

You have to clean your flat and your premises after the completion of the renovation works. It is advisable that you put all the debris in a big sack and dispatch them on the approved plot to avoid any penalties.

8. Seek approval

Once the renovation of your flat is completely done, you have to inform the administration of the condominium. Then, they will inspect it if everything is done in compliance with their guidelines.  If everything is in order, they will approve your building plans. 

Renovating an old flat is rewarding for your household. You may apply the above renovation tips for smooth overhauling of your old flat. Certainly, once the renovation is completely done your home will be upgraded and increase its value. So never forget these renovation tips!