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Quick Fix: Common microwave oven problems and how to fix it

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Microwave ovens are every on-the-go’s favorite appliance, due to its easy to use features such as heat food, cooking quick meals, and many more. So when your microwave breaks down, it’s only natural that you get  down and dirty to fix. For such a small appliance it can be complex to use and very prone to appliance issue. But, luckily we have solutions for the top 3 microwave oven problems. 

The microwave plate won’t turn

An essential part of this appliance is the plate. Your microwave needs the plate to support your food while also turning steadily to cook the food evenly on each side. If one of the microwave oven problems you have is that your plate won’t spin, you must first check the plate, then look at the wide guide-rollers underneath the plate. Then check to see if the pronged coupler in the microwave center is cracked. And finally, inspect the drive motor for current and coupling.


Microwave not heating

Several microwave oven problems includes breaking down of the appliance due to it being old, it’s more likely that you will run into this common problem. Light comes on, but no heat is created. If your microwave oven is not heating, the first place to check is the door switch. Just in case the door isn’t latching and therefore the cycle isn’t starting. You can also check the voltage diode, but if you determine that it’s the magnetron, you might as well replace your microwave.


Microwave exhaust fan is not working

Some microwaves have an exhaust fan that helps keep the air clear above your stove, keeping a free flow of air. When the exhaust fan stops working, there are a few ways you can determine this. First, investigate the air filters: You can change, wash, and clean the charcoal or metal mesh filter to restore them in their best state. Sometimes, a little cleaning is all it takes to get your fan up and running. Next, take apart all the moving pieces, clean them, and put them back. This is how you simply solve common microwave oven problems.

If there’s a simple solution for microwave oven problems, yet you find it a bit complex, then calling a professional repair service can help you ease your problem. Call now the number 1 home repair service in Singapore, Yeobuild HomeRepair 



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