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Part of COVID-19 prevention is maintaining good clothing hygiene. Whether we stay in or go outside to purchase something, wearing clean clothing is a must, especially during this pandemic. 

But of course, used clothes will not automatically clean itself.  Part of our household chore is doing the laundry on a regular basis and you can either do a hand wash or use a washing machine. After washing the clothes, the next step is to dry them right away properly. 

Now, why is drying your clothes properly important? 

1. Wet clothes left for too long in the washing machine or dryer develop a bad odour.

Have you ever experienced leaving your wet clothes in your washing machine or dryer for a long period of time just to find out that your clothes stink?

The bad odour is caused by the growth of bacteria and mould on your clothes while they’re left in the washing machine or dryer too long. Instead of having convenience because of the washing machine and dryer, you’ll find yourself rewashing your clothes all over again.

A bit of Biology over here: moist and damp places are breeding grounds for fungi and germs because moisture accelerates the process of decomposition. It means that they break down organic matter to obtain energy; in simple terms, after their process of decomposition, we perceive their output as “foul odour”.

What can be the reason why clothes are often left inside the washing machine or dryer for too long? Probably because of human error or a machine malfunction. If one of these is the case, here are some tips:

  • Human Error
  1. You can set a separate alarm aside from the built-in timer in your washing machine and dryer to notify you if the washing or drying is done;
  2. Ask someone to look after your laundry;
  3. If you’re not busy, you can just sit near the machine so that you’ll quickly notice if the machine is done with its process;
  • Machine malfunction
  1. Identify if you just forgot to set the timer or if it is really not working;
  2. Check if there is any blockage in the drain hose;
  3. If the timer is working properly, check the other parts of the washing machine and dryer;
  4. If you suspect the washing machine or dryer to have damage, it’s the best time for you to contact a washing machine repair service or a dryer repair service to fix or check the problem with your machine.

2. Drying your clothes right away after washing helps maintain the cleanliness of the clothing

Wearing damp clothing is uncomfortable especially when going outside. Imagine yourself doing grocery shopping, carrying a lot of items, you’re a little sweaty and your clothes feel damp. Ain’t that the most uncomfortable feeling of all?

Wet/damp clothing is also a a perfect breeding ground for some types of bacteria, molds, and other harmful microorganisms which can make you more vulnerable to being infected with the COVID-19 virus.

To make sure that your laundry day is on point, dry your clothes properly.

Here are common ways on how to properly dry your clothes and their pros and cons:

Air drying

Air drying is a traditional method of drying clothes wherein you hang freshly laundered garments on the clothesline. Most people in the rural areas do this kind of practice because they often have a larger space compared to those in urban areas.

Advantages of Air drying:

  1. It’s FREE! 
  2. Exercise. Hanging your clothes helps you burn calories! 
  3. Family Bonding. If you have your children with you, you can encourage them to join you with that activity. By doing so, you don’t only teach them to be responsible with household chores, you also have time to bond with them and show them how this chore can be a fun activity for them. 

Disadvantages of Air drying:

  1. Insufficient space. Not everyone has a wide-open area for air drying.
  2. The weather could be unpredictable. You can track the weather updates but it will never be 100% accurate.
  3. Time-consuming. Most of the time, it will take you 5-7 hours to wait for your clothes to dry completely when air drying.
  4. Other external factors. There can be bugs, smoke, and other uncontrollable situations that can stain or damage your clothes while they’re being air-dried.


Machine Drying

Machine Drying is the fastest way of drying your clothes. It comes in different brands, features, and costs.

Advantages of Machine drying:

  1. Time-bound. Busy people can simply set the timer and leave the machine unattended until it’s finished. 
  2. Not weather-dependent. Unlike traditional air-drying; machine drying can be done even if it’s rainy. After letting the clothes dry using the machine, you can just directly fold your clothes and put them inside your cabinets. 
  3. Occupies minimal space. If you live in a condo unit or a small house, having the convenience of machine drying your clothes is not a problem. You don’t have to worry about where to hang your clothes anymore because of the lack of space.

Disadvantages of Machine Drying:

  1. Cost. The cost can actually be an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. Dryer prices can be costly but it saves you money in the long run. It’s a total investment! 
  2. Maintenance. Just like any other appliances, you have to take care of your dryer. Unlike air drying that is free; machine drying will require you to maintain your dryer to extend its life span. 
  3. Dryer repair or washer dryer repair. Repairing your dryer or washer dryer will cost you a dollar, that’s why it’s important for you to maintain it properly. Also, never continue using a damaged drying machine because it may worsen the current damage; it’s recommended for you to contact a dryer repair service right away.

Now that you know the importance of drying your clothes during this pandemic and the advantages and disadvantages of air drying and machine drying, you can now identify what method of drying best suits your needs.


Properly drying your clothes is a need and something that must not be skipped during the process of maintaining good clothing hygiene. Choose the method that best suits your lifestyle. The above mentioned pros and cons of air drying and machine drying can help you decide what kind of method you’ll choose. Why is it important? Simply because it’s about taking care of yourself. Bad clothing habit means risking your health and comfort, especially during this pandemic.

If you choose to machine dry your clothes, make sure your machine is regularly checked and properly maintained to avoid costly repairs. 

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