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When it comes to your home’s system of plumbing, it is a good idea to have an idea with what to do if faced with the most common household plumbing problems. Here are the ten most commonly encountered plumbing issues and several useful tips.

1. Faucet Dripping

 Water clicking. This is the worst sound in the world to read a book in the area, but it can be solved just by removing the washer. Avoid turning it off with too much pressure to extend the life of the faucet washer.

2. Pipe Leaking

As recorded by the PUB, the average household in Singapore is estimated to lose 10,000 gallons of water per year or equivalent to 5% of the total water consumption. This is because of leaks of approximately 270 laundry loads. If the same households had all water-efficient systems installed, they would save 18 billion dollars and three trillion gallons per year. It is important to call a qualified plumber immediately to inspect the problem, if you have leaking pipes, to make sure that you don’t waste a gallon more than you need.

3. Lack of Hot Water

In Singapore, most regular calls for plumbers is concerned with a water heater problem that does not lead to hot water. Before you call them out, you might want to check these things before you contact the plumbing firm:

  • The light is illuminated if you’ve got a gas water heater with a pilot light.
  • The temperature is sufficiently high to provide a decent amount of hot water.
  • The water heater is big enough to meet the needs of your home.

It’s probably time to contact a certified plumber when your heater leaks. Leaks usually indicate that the bottom of the storage tank is rusting, so you will have to replace the unit. This is one of the common plumbing problems which is easiest to prevent! 

4. Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is the second most common plumbing problems. You can avoid a clogged drain by watching what you put in it, especially in the kitchen. Never put fats, oils or cooking grease down a drain. Eggshells on the drainage are bad too.

5. Clogged Toilet

The only thing to get your toilet blocked is to rush to the bathroom. While a plunger is typically your preferred tool for this common problem, you can call a plumber if it becomes a problem that happens again. Note that towel paper flush, too. This plumbing problem should be removed immediately by being a more responsible toilet user. 

6. Toilet Running

If your toilet causes a low noise without stopping, then one of its fixtures typically shows a problem. Turn off the water and check the valve or leaky flapper for a malfunction.

A certified plumber will provide substantial plumbing repairs to prevent further damage to your pipes and other water fittings. They are holders of licenses and certifications that could guarantee you of their expertise in plumbing.  You can consult Yeobuild HomeRepair if you would like more information on the residential and commercial plumbing services in Singapore.