Having an overheating oven can be worrisome. Before considering replacing your oven, take time to learn and understand what’s causing your oven to overheat. Typical causes can be a faulty thermostat, cooling fan, or oven element. If any of these are not functioning well then it may be the cause of your problem.





Not only will it not heat your food, but there is also a risk of other components that can cause more damage. We listed down possible reasons why your oven is overheating and what you can do to fix it.

Oven thermostat

Have you encounter your oven’s temperature increases overtime? then it’s likely that your thermostat has become faulty and requires replacing. The thermostat’s role is to measure your oven’s heat, and once it reaches the temperature that you set it to, it will prompt your cooker to stop heating and remain at a stable temperature. If it’s faulty, then it would not read the temperature correctly, causing it to over or under heat.oven

Cooling Fan

Cooling fan plays a vital role to prevent your oven from overheating.  Check if the fan blade is too loose which may be the cause to become ineffective making your oven heat more. It is also possible to have the fan covered with grease and muck from cooking. Give it a good check and clean if necessary to solve any possible heating problem caused by this.

Oven Element

Oven element is the part that is directly responsible for producing the heat that allows you to have a hearty meal. If this is faulty, it may be producing more heat than usual. If it shows signs of any fault, replace it, as it’s an important part of your oven to work efficiently.

Are you experiencing oven overheating issues after checking all the internal parts of the oven. Then, It’s time to call oven repair services to check on your appliance. Call one of your local oven repair technicians like Yeobuild HomeRepair in Singapore. We’ll assist you and help you in no time.