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Kitchen appliances play a vital role in our homes not only because they minimize our labour time within the kitchen but assist in perfecting the meals we serve in our family. These appliances are worthy of the space in your kitchen since they pave the way for more time in the family and less the kitchen. Some of which are toaster, fridge, rice cooker, and dishwasher to call some. Yet sometimes, we tend to do mistakes with our kitchen appliances.

Being our partners in the kitchen for years now, these appliances are considered a lot when maintaining a stable home. But how sure are we that these appliances attain the care they need to function in the long run? To guide you, here is a list of mistakes we usually are unaware of doing that might compromise the functionality of our kitchen appliances and may end in costly repairs.

Mistake 1: Putting Things On Top of Your Fridge

Stainless Steel Refrigerator Beside White Kitchen Cabinet

To maximize the space in our kitchen, we tend to place small appliances and other things on top of the fridge, but this should not be the case as this will hinder heat from escaping, causing the compressor to function harder than it’s purported to. This mistake may lead to high electricity consumption and shorten your fridge’s life span.

Mistake 2: Overstuffing Your Fridge

overstuffing fridge kitchen appliances mistakes

While it is pleasing to the eyes to see your refrigerator with an ample amount of fruits and foods alike, it is not advisable to store too much inside because it can be one of the reasons that your fridge may not function well. The matter arises once you over-stuff them. It puts extra weight on the compressor motor. As a result, your refrigerator compressor may break down. This may warrant a complete fridge repair, especially if the unit is past the warranty period. So never put an excessive amount of food in your fridge, especially things that do not seem to be needed in a few days or so.

Mistake 3: Putting the Dishes in the Dishwasher Without Removing the Morsels

Fish-eye Photography of Man Holding Gray Cup

This machine is specifically designed to scrub the dishes. One uncommon mistake that some never suspect is that they automatically put the dirty dishes without putting out the morsels and other crumbs first. These must be removed by hand so that the drain won’t get clogged. Modern dishwashers have a pre-rinse mode, so you do not have to rinse the dishes. Just disregard the pieces of food and crumbs into the bin. If by the time it starts to smell, you will want to clean your dishwasher thoroughly.

Mistake 4: Deliberately Neglecting to Scrub Your Oven

Woman in White Sweater Baking Cake

Do you still remember the last time you cleaned your oven? Do you clean it right after you use it? If so, then that’s great! But if you haven’t done it yet, you’d better get your cleaning tools and clean it immediately because the next time you utilize it, the burnt-out foods left from your oven may block the heating rods from doing their job. If you still allow this to continue, you are creating another problem in the long run and probably end the life of your oven abruptly. This is because your oven is accumulating more and more burnt-out foods as you continue to use it without cleaning it afterward.

Mistake 5: Overloading Clothes in Your Washer

Washing Machine, Laundry, Tumble Drier, Housework

Oftentimes, we would want to avoid wasting time in doing our laundry by overstuffing the garments on our washing machine all at once. However, by doing so, you are making your machine work harder than its normal function, and this might result in wearing down your washing machine’s motor. When you overstuff your clothes, the machine’s motor may not be able to circulate enough room for mixing the water and detergent. This results in an improper cleaning of our clothes.

As per suggestion, do not fill the tub more than three-quarters full to avoid the risk of damaging your washing machine. So, if you don’t want any trouble in the future, always follow the prescribed amount of clothes to fill in your washing machine. You can do such a thing by referring to its user manual. If you do so, you may prevent having washing machine repairs anytime soon.

Wrapping Up

These are just but some kitchen appliances mistakes that we usually do. However, do not even suspect that they will damage our kitchen appliances and possibly end their functionality abruptly. Taking excellent care of your kitchen appliances is like taking good care of your children; they also need a proper touch from their owners to function well and to avoid future repairs. Hence, we should practice doing a monthly checkup not only on your kitchen appliances but also on your target general to prevent mishaps in the future.