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Built in microwave oven

The microwave oven is practically used for heating, melting butter, and thawing ice cream. We’re telling you, it’s more than that! We created a list of mind-blowing microwave oven hacks,  tips and tricks that you’re totally missing out on.


Peel garlic

We’re sick of cracking and peeling, only to leave your hands smelling like garlic. Let your microwave do its wonders. Simply put a whole garlic into the microwave for about 15 to 20 seconds on high heat and the cloves easily come out of their skin. 

Several yellow banana

Ripen a banana quick

We’re all about trusting the process, but sometimes we just want to get ahead of things. Take out your unripe banana and do it yourself. Use a fork to poke holes all over the banana (to keep it from exploding), then pop it in the microwave for a minute or two.


Create an egg dish

Quick and easy – not only that, it’s also very healthy. Get your eggs, put the necessary ingredients, how you want them. Whisk your eggs in a microwave-safe container and wrap it tightly with a plastic cover and punch holes using a fork. Cook it on high until your desired egg texture comes out. Enjoy!

Juice being squeezed out

Juice a lemon easily

Several microwave oven hacks is for pulping a juice. If you hate squeezing all the juice out of your lemon try popping it in the microwave for a bit, it will release juices easily and lessen the hard work.Put the lemon in for 15 seconds to soften it up, give it a gentle roll, then juice!. 

Make dessert

Probably our favourite on the list, making a cake in a coffee mug. You can easily whip up a few ingredients to make a simple, easy, and drool-worthy dessert whenever you want in whiff. Get the full ingredients here.

Microwave oven is not just for heating and cooking food. It does have great other usage like for ripening a fruit and such.  So, maintaining and constant check up is very essential for this appliance because it do wonders more than what you expected.