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The microwave oven has now become an essential part of every kitchen. It does a lot of amazing things about reheating and baking. With the changing ways of living, these appliances offer more than what they conventionally. Busy people in big cities are now finding a lot of different additional uses for their microwaves and ovens at home.  It helps them get off with their day-to-day lives with the convenience that these appliances offer.  

Let us check some more of these appliances’ uses more than what they ought to be. Check out our blog as we share ten microwaves and oven uses that will surprise you! With the rich culture and lifestyle mix in Singapore, it is always helpful to find ways on how to make life convenient!

 1. Poaching eggs

Poaching eggs will now be as easy as 1-2-3. Unlike the usual way of poaching, you now don’t need to have the casserole and the cooker hob. All you have to do is to add the prepare the micro-safe bowl, a pinch of salt, and white vinegar.  Put half a cup of water into the bowl, then crack the eggs inside it.  From there, you just have to pierce the yolk with a toothpick then add vinegar. Cover it with a cling wrap, then simply put it in the microwave under medium temperature for  30 seconds. Once the microwave beeps, turn the eggs slowly then place it back for 20 seconds under same temperature settings.  In less than a minute, you now have the perfect poached eggs for breakfast! 

 2. Rehydrating an old bread

Never put old bread in the trash bin again! Wasting food is like putting your hard-earned money in the trash! To rehydrate a stale bread, you just have to cover it with a kitchen towel soaked in water. Once the piece of bread has been covered in the wet paper towel, you can now place this inside the microwave for 10 seconds. You can repeat this procedure until the bread is fresh and ready for consumption. 

3. Brings back the crunch in chips

Crunchy chips will always be a perfect companion for a night’s movie! Sometimes, the chips we have at home becomes stale when left in the storage for a long time. To make it taste and feel fresh, the microwave is the best solutions! You just have to place the chips in a bowl covered with a dry kitchen towel for 30 seconds. You just have to repeat the procedure once the crispiness of the chips is restored. Same should be done with old biscuits and wafers!  stop wasting food by making it fresh again!

4. Disinfecting sponges and  cutting boards

Disinfecting kitchen utensils will never be as tedious as before. You just have to load these utensils inside the microwave, then voila! You already have a bacteria-free cutting board and dish sponges.

  • With sponges, you just have to soak the sponge in water infused with lemon juice in a microwave oven-safe bowl. Then place the sponge in the water+lemon solution.  Put it inside the microwave for 1 minute under high power.  This will clean the sponge by removing the stains, and leaves a bacteria-free sponge for dishwashing! 
  • With cutting boards, all you have to do is to wash the cutting board with water. After washing, pat-dry the cutting board with a paper towel. Once done, you just have to spray it with lemon juice, and load it inside the oven. Place it heated up for 1-2 minutes under high power. This will disinfect the oven from bacteria and viruses like salmonella and e-coli. 

5. Heating up hair oil and other beauty products

Microwave oven is not just an appliance for kitchen use. It also helps in your daily beauty regimen. You don’t need to visit a salon for hot oil treatment. You can make hot oil at home!  Just place the oil inside the microwave for 30 seconds under medium temperature. Once the oil is warm enough, you can now apply it in your hair. The same procedure should be done with hot wax. Sometimes, old hot waxes become solid over time. To get away from this, you just have to load it inside the microwave under high temperature for 15 seconds. Once done, you can now make use of this as a home-made wax with the aid of the microwave. 

There are so many wonders to be done by a microwave that you never knew of! For sure these things surprised you since these are totally different ideas from the usual. To make sure that you are utilising the best out of your microwave oven, it should be properly maintained. Once you are confident that your appliance is properly working, you can now make use of it with the aid of maximising its potentials in helping you with your everyday living!