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A cramped kitchen space is somewhat not inviting and open for many activities such as preparing food, cooking, food storage, and eating. The good news is there are ideas that could make the most of your small kitchen space.

Yes, you could reinvent your confined kitchen space into something that could meet your daily needs. Here are some of the ways on how to make your small kitchen look bigger and amplify its use.

1. Choose a galley kitchen layout

Experts including designers and professional chefs recommend a galley layout for the small kitchen. A galley layout comprises of two units, which could be kitchen counters that are parallel with one another. A corridor then is formed in between these two units and could measure over 24 inches in width, which is enough for one person to move and cook around the kitchen.

This layout maximises the space for storage and working area. And it is efficient and safe for cooking. One unit of the counter is mirrored with another unit in length and both have upper and lower cabinets, kitchen sink, oven, and open shelves. It is also best for an open space plan.

2. Divide the kitchen-dining room

A small kitchen is often layout in condominium units with the combined kitchen-dining room. To make your kitchen look bigger divide the kitchen-dining room by building an island. This kitchen island could be used for worktop, additional storage or lower cabinets, and a small nook with seats.

3. Paint the walls and cabinet with white or light-coloured paint

Magnifying your small kitchen begins by painting your kitchen walls and even your cabinets with white or light-coloured paint. These colors are airy and tend to provide spaciousness to a cramped space.

4. Use the backsplash for storage

Make use of the kitchen backsplash as storage. The backsplash is the space between the counter-top and the upper cabinet that is used for protection from splashes or water damage. You could add an open shelf and put jars of spices, utensil, or cups. A backsplash storage is ideal for a small kitchen.

5. Construct a built-in cabinet

You could construct built-in cabinets that could run from the top of the backsplash up to the ceiling. You could expand this on the adjacent room or divider in which you could make use of the cabinet as pantry or storage area. With this, you will have ample space for storing your dried food and kitchen appliances.

6. Use recessed lightings

Some kitchen islands or counters are accented with beautiful pendant lights. However, if you are thinking of escalating your kitchen space, it is best that you opt for recessed lightings rather than pendant lights. Then, you could make use of the space above the kitchen island. You may construct another built-in cabinet and place your precious dinner wares.

7. Opt for an open shelving

Open shelving is good for confined kitchen space. This is because this type of shelving is inviting, relaxing, and increasing the storage space in the kitchen. It also makes the kitchen brighter and bigger.

8. Use drawers than doors for lower cabinetry

Most of the lower cabinets have doors. But, experts advise that you must have drawers in the lower cabinets rather than doors. This is because you could use the drawers for more storage solutions. At the same time, it could prevent pests from infesting the space in the lower cabinets. You could put many things in the drawers such as the utensils, plates, cutting boards, can openers, grater, and other small kitchen tools. Also, this could organize the things in your kitchen.

9. Opt for a rolling storage

Another storage solution for small kitchen space is the rolling cart. Build a rolling cart and just place it under the countertop. You could just roll it out and use it as a table or top for preparing food or eating. And when not in use, you could just roll it in. You could also put shelving on the rolling cart for more storage space. You could also put a pantry pullout shelves in the rolling cart. If you don’t have space for pantry cabinet, this could be the best alternative.

10. Put everything in the right place

One way to make a confined space look bigger is to organize everything in it. It is advisable that you put everything in its place. These include stacking the plates in its storage as well as the pans. Placing the kitchen towel at the end of the countertop. Likewise, the spices must be on the shelves and so forth. When everything is in order, the kitchen space will escalate and upgrade too.

Your cramped kitchen space could meet your daily home needs with the above-mentioned ways. And besides making your kitchen look bigger, your home value will increase and look stylish too.