Sometimes we are unaware that we commit laundry mistakes! Doing laundry is one of the usual household tasks that need crucial attention. It is very essential for every household to have clean and professional-looking clothes. Doing the laundry properly and regularly is good for personal hygiene and of course with the way how other people see us with our self-presentation. It might sound cliche, but it is true, the way we dress up is the first element that other people will look at.  It will tell them something about our own personality. This theory is no exception.  Even from the youngest member of the house, even more, special when it comes to working adults and professionals. 

Nowadays, doing laundry became easier. The aid of washing paved the way to make this tedious task a whole lot easier. With those machines, you can now just drop your clothing, and do some other things while waiting for the laundry to be done.  It starts with cleaning and ends up machine dried, which is all good for the next use. You might now know, that even the simple task of doing the laundry still needs a lot of attention. So check our as we share some laundry mistakes you’re probably doing.

1. Using too much detergent.

Fact: Detergents aid the cleaning of our clothing and other laundry materials. But using too much of the detergent will cause damage to our clothes. This is very true when it comes to dyed cotton fabrics. There is an advisable amount of detergent for each load of laundry.  An 11-kilogram Washing Machine capacity has an advisable amount of 80-100 grams of detergent. By following such, you’ll be able to fully clean your clothes while taking care of its quality. Detergents have some agents which could easily make the colors fade away, and could even result in thinning and shedding of the fabric. It might have been told the specific amount, but this also depends on the level of dirtiness of the clothes.

(Always make an exemption if you know that the clothes are heavily dirty, then add some more. But also remember that instead of adding some more detergent, you can just add some more spin cycles.

2. Rubbing stains rigidly

Sometimes stains are even tougher than our life problems. Yes, they are, but we should not be tough on them. Instead, use the basic method of soaking the clothes in water with a detergent solution.  The practice of rubbing stains vigorously might eradicate the stains, but it could totally wear out our items of clothing.  This could result in thinning and hole boring. In every stain, there are proper agents to use. Just click on the internet and you can find easy hacks. Here are some to start with: 

  • Gum –  use ice. Put a piece of an ice cube in gum for ten minutes then gently scrape it off with a spoon.
  • Blood – use salt.  Dilute 3 tablespoons of salt in 250 ml water, then use this as a soaking solution for the bloodstain for 30 mins, then brush it off with soap. 
  • Yellowish color due to aging – use lemon. Sometimes when white clothes are getting old, they tend to have a yellowish color. You may use a piece of lemon diluted in water and use it as a soaking agent. 
  • Vehicle Grease and Mud – use vinegar.  Vinegar is an acidic compound, you can directly spray vinegar into clothing and leave it for 30 mins,  then finally rinse it off with soap and water. 

 3. Overloading the washing machine

The most washing machine gets damaged by overloading. One of the highly committed laundry mistakes is overloading. We should all note that washing machines perform their best when properly loaded with the right capacity of laundry. Sometimes when we’re in a hurry, we just tend to just throw a lot of pieces of clothing inside the washer and forget how much the machine can actually carry. This causes a lot of damages to the rotating motor of the machine. It makes it difficult for it to circulate which can not only result in damage but also to poor cleaning. It is advised by professionals to use laundry bags which has storage capacity marks. This is very helpful for you to gauge how much you are actually putting inside the appliance.  You are not only making it efficient for the washing machine’s life to last longer, and perform efficiently, but you are also making a good step for better-cleaned clothes by following this step.

4. Washing unbuttoned shirt, and unzipped pants

You might be wondering why shirt buttons are easily popping out and some clothes are damaged? It is because of the little guilty laundry mistakes we commit. Sometimes we forget to unbutton and zip up our clothes. This one might sound basic, but we are sometimes guilty of doing so.  Popping unbuttoned shirts in the washing machine makes the buttonholes larger and could lead to the premature pop page. Take time to securely check and unbutton those shirts for their maximum lifespan.  While for pants and clothing pieces, it turns the other way around. You can benefit in zipping up the pants all the way to the top not for the pants itself for the other pieces of clothing you are washing on the same cycle.

If the zippers are left open, its metal teeth can snag delicate and woven clothing that’s being washed in the same load. So make it a practice to check all of these basics for better clothing care. 

 5. Forgetting or ignoring to clean the washing machine after use

Most people are so guilty of this laundry mistake. It might have been your habit to just take out the clothes in the washing and leave it thereafter use.  This is a big no-no if you want your appliance to run efficiently for a long time.  We know that washing machines are tough components of our appliances. But, you should also know that some detergents we use, and some fabrics leave out residue which could build up over time.  That is why it is advised by experts to run a just-water spin cycle every after wash.  This will do the job of clearing out chalk build and even some threads and residue from our fabrics. If we just leave the appliance after use, you are taking away at least 3 years in the lifespan of your appliance.  This is basic but yes, we need to do it. 

Randomly, there are still more of these laundry mistakes, but these are the most common ones that we usually guiltily commit. Looking at them and examining it closely, we can get away with all of these easily.  It should always start with our commitment not only to ourselves but also with our washing machines and our clothes. Good-looking clothing and a washing machine efficiently running makes life more comfortable and worth living.