Our home kitchen is not considered complete without the presence of a fridge. It is a very useful appliance to store, chill and keep our foods safe for consumption. As one of the seldom-moved appliance, the refrigerator is an example of the poorly maintained kitchen staple. It stays in the same place for a very long period of time. This practice results in inefficient performance and damage among our fridge.

Check out as we share 5 easy tips in order to keep our fridge running efficiently.

1. Overall Clean Up.

It is a common practice to wipe up the shelves inside our fridge.  Wiping is a good practice to get rid of supplies we don’t need anymore and to maintain a bacteria-free environment inside the appliance. But the job doesn’t end there. In order for your fridge to run efficiently, an overall clean up is still required. This involves the process of vacuuming and dusting the exterior of the fridge to eliminate dust on the coils.  They are also found at the back of the fridge which is commonly uncovered making it exposed to dust and water moisture. The coils are the main components of the fridge to keep it cool. In order for your fridge to run efficiently make it a habit to do an overall clean up inside out every once in a while.

2. Cool things off before putting it in the fridge.

Keeping your fridge efficient

Putting warm foods inside the fridge is one of the leading damaging factors with our kitchen fridges. This practice makes it harder for the cooling mechanism of the appliance to maintain the internal temperature. The machine’s performance could be decreased by 25% every time warm food is loaded in the fridge.  So be it a leftover, or warm baked goodies, you should practice keeping it cooled on the tabletop before you put it inside. This practice will also keep the food more preserved as the temperature change is not sudden. 

3. Keep the door closed.

Keeping your fridge efficient

Grazing inside the fridge for multiple times in a day is a bad habit. Frequent opening and closing of the fridge’s door lets the cold air escape and lets the warm air to enter. This process makes it harder for your fridge to cool up the warm air. So before you think of mindlessly eating your favorite food or drinking your favorite drink while the fridge door is open, have a second thought! As it does not only decrease your fridge’s performance efficiency but could also cause your electric bill to increase by up to 2%. Imagine, this process works like oven operation. You can not successfully bake a cookie if you open and close the oven door suddenly. 

3. Keep the gaskets well-maintained.

Keeping your refrigerator efficient

The gasket is the rubber seal that runs along the perimeter of your refrigerator’s door. Its main task is to keep the air from escaping the interior of the fridge. A little damage of the gasket could lead to the performance inefficiency of the appliance. Just like an open fridge door discussed earlier, the damaged gasket acts as an airway for the cold air to escape. This leads to a more strenuous performance of the cooling mechanism of the fridge to produce cooling temperature inside the appliance. An occasional inspection and cleaning of the gasket will make sure that not even a square inch of cold air can escape. If you happen to see any damages, it is helpful to call appliance maintenance center to help you get it fixed. 

5. Organize the content.

Keeping your refrigerator efficient

Just like any other storage shelves, the fridge should also be organized. A good allocation of the space inside the appliance will let the cool air circulate more efficiently. Having a cluttered content inside makes it harder for the machine to spread out the temperature in every inch of the available space inside the refrigerator. That’s why experts suggest that the usage of plastic organizers and containers could be a big help in maximizing the space and performance efficiency of the fridge. So before you put your things inside the fridge, be sure to put them in a handy container first to ensure freshness and appliance efficiency.

Maintaining our refrigerators is not that hard. Following simple and easy steps mentioned does not only help your appliance to perform at its maximum efficiency. But could also help you slash down some dollars for the electricity consumption that you could save.