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Is your KDK standing fan or desk fan not working? Blades are not spinning fast enough? Or will it just simply won’t turn on? Before taking your KDK fan to the nearest service shop, the problem could be as simple as a faulty outlet or a switched-off circuit breaker. Here are some KDK fan repair tips for dummies.

1. KDK Fan Not Turning on:  Check the cord

Assuming you have already covered the most basic step and have plugged-in your KDK fan to a working outlet, check your circuit breaker, it is equally important to check if the cord is in working condition. See if there are any damages to the cord and make sure that no rodents gnawed through your fan’s lifeline. If electricity is not flowing, therefore, your fan will definitely not work. With this in mind, practice caution when handling electrical conduits. And don’t use your KDK fan’s cord as a door stopper.

2. Humming Sound: Look for a humming sound

If you have plugged in your fan and you hear a humming sound, it means that there is electricity flowing. Otherwise, it is important to check if the outlet is working. This common problem among fans does not actually require a KDK fan repair expert. What you might need is someone who can help you out with your electric supply. A faulty electric supply could actually put some tensions on the wire and bring some problems with the motor operations of your fan. Sometimes, it could also because of loose screws, wrong speed settings and not enough lubrication. Before you contact a fan repair expert, you might want to check the mentioned items first.

If it is something that you can do, like tightening of screws and adding up some lubricating oil, then do it on your own. If it is something about the power outlet, then don’t touch it. Power or electric supply should not be done by chances. Call for a help from a professional and  certified electricians.

3. KDK Fan Auto Shuts Down: Check the Speed Buttons

One of the many reported problems of a KDK fan is the auto-shutdown problem. With this being mentioned, there were a couple of identified factors on how this problem occurs. One way to do a DIY KDK fan repair is by checking the fan speed buttons. The fan speed button might sometimes get loose which may cause for the fan to automatically shut down after a quite sometime. For you to do a check, try to click on a speed one at a time every thirty minutes. If the fan did shut down after a while on all the speed option buttons, the the button should not be the problem.

This action will now lead you to the second common cause which is due to a faulty capacitor. A faulty capacitor is not something that you should touch as a non-professional. Again, this one requires the proper knowledge on electrical circuits. Thus, this action calls for a professional help to conduct a KDK Fan repair.

4. Cranky KDK Fan Blades: Check the Screws

If you hear that the blades of the fan is making some noises, then this must tell us a lot about the screws. A fan blade can get loose or tight sometimes, especially if you are dealing with a 3 year or older fan. Sometimes it could also be because of the environment where the fan is operating. Sometimes when we live in a very dusty environment, our fans a t home can suffer from dust penetration. The dust particles can then be the reason why the fan blade screws are tightened up. In this case, you don’t have to call for for a technician to do a KDK fan repair for you. All you have to do is to dismantle your fan blade and keep it clean. Make sure to remove all of the dust particles on the fan head too! If the problem still persist, then you can also try to put some lubricating oil on the end of the blade of the shaft.

5. Stand Fan Bowing Down: Check the Head Lever

Most stand fans have an adjustable head. With that being mentioned, sometimes we encounter some head rotation and head placement problems. This is due to the fact that it could be the head screws of your fan might got traded out of their screws. On these cases, you don’t have to call for a professional help to do a KDK Fan repair for you. All you have to do is to unplug the fan and check if the head screws of the fan are still intact. If they are worn out just get and check for some available head screws of the fan model that you have and just replace them with a pair or two.

With all of these KDK Fan repair problems or solutions, we aim to educate you on the first aid, tips and tricks that you can apply at home. We have sourced these information out from our certified technicians who were doing this sort of job for a very long time. As much as we wanted to help you save some money from doing some DIY KDK fan repair, we still suggest some utmost caution when it comes to doing some of the complicated tasks. If it is something easy, like disassembling and assembling the fan, you can go and proceed. But if it is something that deals with other complicated tasks which involves electricity, then we suggest that you leave it out for the expert to do.

Some common mishandling and practices could pose life threatening danger and accidents such as fires and even accidents. So before you touch and start doing a DIY KDK Fan repair, remember to stay safe!