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Indoor plants are recommended not just to beautify one’s home, but it holds a lot of health benefits. But the question now is, which plants will do you best? Well, look no more because we are going to give you a quick list. We encourage you to get a few for yourself and start living in a healthier abode.


Orchids give that instant classic feel to any home. You wouldn’t believe that it’s easy to maintain. We recommend this if you wish to breathe cleaner air within your house. This is definitely beneficial for the entire family.

Snake Plant

snake plant

If there is one snake that people would want to have in their homes, it must be the snake plant. It is suggested to place it in your bedroom so you can have fresher air. And here’s another trivia for you. This indoor plant can convert CO2 into oxygen at night. That should give you a relaxing sleep after a long day.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Having a hard time concentrating? Maybe this is the perfect chance to get lucky bamboo. This indoor plant is not just good for helping you focus, but ancient people believe that it can bring luck. Hence, the name Lucky Bamboo. And if you are looking for love, this plant should attract someone amazing to your life.

Peace Lilly

Most people believe that Peace Lilly is one of the best indoor plants that can filter air. It’s not just a natural air cleanser but you have to appreciate its unique beauty. Wait for it to bloom and you’d understand what we mean.   


Do you feel extremely tired at work? If yes, then you might want to get anthurium to decrease your stress level. It is also called ‘tongues of fire’ because of its appearance. It is known to filter xylene and ammonia. But be careful if you are about to place anthurium inside your house. Some people might be sensitive to it

Red Aglaonema

If you need more energy, get red aglaonema. This does not only improve your health, it instantly improves the look of your home. Place it near your work area and it will help you to become more efficient. What’s great about this is that you can easily take care of it.



They say that colorful plants like croton can increase one’s creativity. Now, if you are working on something and you feel stuck, you might want to get this indoor plant to help you boost your imagination.


You might feel that this is weird, but a lot of people think that having pothos inside your house can improve your relationship with others. A study was conducted and the results showed that people surrounded by plants like pothos are more empathetic.

Most plants are easy on the pocket, so why deprive your home with something beautiful and beneficial for your health? I say get one for yourself and notice the difference.