Getting professional help to repair and maintain your home has become easy with by booking home services online. But this same advancement paved way for other people to commit crimes. Some would steal personal information through their website, and some would commit actual crimes while pretending to be the company’s representative. That is why we need to take extreme caution. But how do you do this? Look no more because this article will provide you tips on how you can stay safe when booking home services online.

Check if the Website is Secured

One of the ways to check if you are transacting with a legit company or website is by looking at their URL. If it is secured, you should see HTTPS instead of HTTP before the website name. For example, is it http://www.samplehomeservice.com or https://www.samplehomeservice.com? If you see the latter, then chances are, you are browsing a safe and secured website. However, do not be complacent. That is not enough reason to trust a company. And this is where our next tip comes in.

Do Your Own Research

Do not be fooled with visually impressive websites. It is a must that you check other resources to validate if the company is real, can be trusted, and can provide quality service. This step is not hard to do. You can either check forums, review websites, or you can even use the power of social media and ask your friends about their experiences. With that, you can gauge if a particular company will meet your needs and standards.

Use Credit Card Instead of Debit Card

If in case the company has the option to pay online, it is better that you use credit card instead of debit card.  Generally, credit cards have more security features, most especially in case of fraudulent transactions. And make sure that you are using a secured online payment gateway like Paypal, Stripe, Amazon Payments and the likes. But if there is an option to pay personally or after the services has been rendered, we suggest that you take that instead.

Avoid Using Public WiFi

When you are outside of your home, it can be tempting to use public wifi to save on data. However, if you are to key in you personal information to a website, such as to request home services, better not use the public wifi. Remember, it is not as secured as your ‘personal’ connection. You are just making yourself vulnerable to identity thefts.  

Get the Information of the Technician or Representative

Make sure that before you finalize your order, you already have the list of names of the technician or representative that are assigned to repair your home or appliance. This way, you can also do your own research about the person’s credibility and work ethics.

Report Immediately!

Now, if things have gone bad, there is no time to waste. You need to report the incident immediately either to the company or to the authorities if the circumstance calls for it. And don’t forget to keep records of everything just in case you need evidence.