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Marie Kondo is a well-known Japanese cleaning consultant who can make your home shines with her decluttering method. Also, she is known for her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which is her best-selling book.

Her idea is to tidy up things by categories and not by rooms. Currently, Marie Kondo has her own Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, in which she visits American homes and helps in decluttering and cleaning their homes. To give you ideas on her magical decluttering methods, we have rounded up some of the techniques to tidy your home in Marie Kondo ways:

1. Tidy up by categories

One of the chief tidying rules of Marie Kondo is to declutter by category. She advises to start tidying your clothes because they are the most loaded ones. Then, the books, papers, old photographs, other miscellaneous items, and sentimental things. For example, if you are sorting your clothes you must remove all your clothes in your closet and drawer. You may begin at the tops first, then the bottoms and the other accessories.

Ms. Kondo also demonstrates how to fold your clothes to save more space and identify them easily. You must also separate each category from another and sort things out by adding sub-categories. In this way, you can see your things arrange properly in their right places.

2. Cherish the things that “sparks joy”

Ms. Kondo said that you must not focus on just throwing things away, instead cherish the items that you love. She further said that you may ask this question to yourself, “Does this thing spark joy?” If you say yes, then you keep it still, if not then throw it away. She also suggests touching each item so that you will know if your body and emotions react. It is some kind of intuition, according to Kondo.

3. Declutter all at once

You must give a lot of time to tidy up your home and not just a small amount of time. If you can, you can declutter your home in about 6 months. This is because tidying up in a short time can make your home in a mess again quickly.

4. Make a vision of yourself about the things you want to live

This refers to knowing yourself if you want to live clutter-free and finding answers why do you want to be tidy. If for instance, you want everything to be tidy in your home, then, go for that goal and live with it. In the end, you will see your home well organize and can sleep well at night.

5. Discard first

Before you put something new in your home, you must remove those things that do not spark joy, or you think is not useful anymore. In this way, your home will not be crowded with stuff that can make your home unpleasant to look at.

The Marie Kondo method will lead you to a clutter-free life. Indeed, it will make your home completely organise. Likewise, you can save money as you don’t need to buy special storage. You just simply need boxes and drawers. Mind you, Marie Kondo opts for shoe boxes than any other boxes.