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Every home surely generates a lot of garbages daily. This could be classified as either organic and inorganic waste. On a daily basis, an average household garbage sums up to  3-7 kilos. This includes both the inorganic and organic wastes we get with our everyday living. Garbage or waste disposal is a very big problem that the world is facing nowadays.

Proper garbage management will help us maintain a wonderful and healthy living environment inside the house. It assures us that our future and health is being held safe by properly managing our wastes.  Check out as we share some good and easy ways to manage garbage at home!

Organic Garbages

Organic wastes are also called green wastes. These wastes are usually generated from the kitchen. It includes our scrapings from fruits and vegetables, food leftovers, and even egg shells. These biodegradable wastes make a self-depleting garbage system, wherein it transforms into a more useful form. On daily basis, this makes up 60% of our home waste production. These wastes are easy to manage. There are actually a  lot of different ways to make the waste useful and beneficial into our homes, and even to the environment. There are few good ways on how to repurpose organic trash

  • Make a vegetable stock. Most of our vegetable scrapings come from their peels. Do you know that even out of these parts, we can still make a delicious vegetable stock out of it? For you to be able to make this possible, you have to prepare all of your vegetables properly before using them. Proper washing helps. All you have to do is to collect all of these peels and boil them in a liter  (sometimes depending on the number of peels) of water. You can add a little salt for it to act as a natural preservative.  Let it boil for 30-45 mins.  Strain the remaining particles, and you can now use this as a stock for soups and other dishes.
  • Create art pieces for kids. Organic wastes such as eggshells, seeds, beans, and other hard organic materials could be used into worthwhile art-making activities with the kids. All you have to do is to pop up the internet and look for something that you and your kids could do as an art project.

Recyclable Garbages

Recyclable wastes are examples of an inorganic waste.  This garbage includes our daily living materials such as papers, plastic cups, containers, and home canned supplies packaging. Almost everything we buy is now contained in either a plastic or paper packaging. Recyclable garbages are usually non-biodegradable and takes even more than a hundred years to be deformed or decomposed.  Inside our home, 30% of the garbages come from our daily supplies. From the shampoo, we use even up to the food we eat.

  • Bring your own bags and containers in the grocery. When shopping for supplies on the grocery it is better to bring your own jars or reusable containers when buying home needs. This is very efficient for grains such as rice, beans, sugar, and other powders materials.  If it is inevitable to buy prepacked sachets, you can bring your own eco-bag to have this carried with.  For frozen goods, you can bring your own plastic resealable containers such as plastic microwavable for you to use as meat and frozen good storage. 

  • Buy from local producers. When buying your supplies, it also helps to manage your garbage production by buying your home needs to local farmers. By practicing such, you are making sure that there are no other plastics and waste generated from its local packaging. This is not only helpful to your home and in the environment. But it also helps you to save some dollars while helping local merchants grow their business. 

  • Reuse, plastic containers and tin cans. If you really can’t get away with buying such products packed in plastic containers, you can just reuse them or repurpose them. Instead of buying some other containers for some stuff at home, you can use those plastic containers for food, juices, shampoos and many more. This practice can help you reduce up to 40% with wastes produced.  This also makes your home free from more clutter, while creating more space inside the kitchen. 

  • Make the most out of your paper wastes. Households with office working people or having kids at school produces a lot of paper wastes. You can maximise paper wastes and manage the waste production by using the back side of papers. You can reuse the back side to print out or to be used as scribble papers for children. This will totally eliminate the paper wastes at home. You can manage it well by using this tip.

Digital Waste

Digital wastes are waste produced from our broken gadgets and appliances at home. These types of garbage are the hardest to manage.  We can not recycle these garbages as they are hazardous to our health. We can repurpose, but we can not reuse them. It needs disassembly for us to make use of some other parts. This is very true to some appliances such as electric fans, televisions and air conditioners. It may be hard to manage our digital wastes, there are still a lot of different ways on how to do it properly. 

  • Make sure that appliances are irreparable before disposing them. Before making a decision to dump the appliances, you can just consult an appliance repair expert.  They can offer you solutions on making it functional again.  It might shave you off some money, but its atleast you are making the most out of your investment. 
  • Repurpose.  Repurposing appliances mean that you have to think of other ways on how to use it. All you need is creativity. By doing such practice you can manage to eliminate digital garbage production up to 100%. Just click on the internet, and it might guide you to boost your creativity on making things possible. Some ideas could be, using your old fridge as a vintage condiment rack.  Or use your non-functioning airconditioners as a repurposed center reading table.  There are actually a lot! Just find one and explore your imagination. You can also recycle these e-wastes or electronic wastes by following some various ways shared over the internet. There are so many waste management websites which you can follow.

It might sound to be so challenging to manage home garbages. But as to what they always say, “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” And this way is not hard to attain. All you need to have is the willingness to sacrifice some comfort and to be more creative. As the process goes, you’ll realise, you are not just eliminating some garbages, but also helps you economically by saving some money.