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We are here to help your home cooler even withour any airconditioner! The summer season is about to come! The air and the temperature is getting warmer. The best remedy?  Air conditioners. These types of home appliances make the home environment and temperature a lot comfier. Some people would rather use this as their go-to remedy to the warm temperature.  Though it has been proven to be the most effective way, it still has a lot of downsides. The first thing is that it consumes a lot of electricity. It shoots up the electric bill for up to 40-50% higher than the usual.  Second, not all homes have an air conditioner that could help them ease the scorching temperature of a hot day or a humid night.

With our article, we will be helping you out with this problem. Especially if you don’t have any air conditioning units installed within your houses. That is totally understandable and normal. Air conditioners are pieces of machines that are so expensive and require a lot of maintenance steps to undergo. Not to mention, it is also one of the appliances that consume a lot of energy. There are actually a lot of ways on how to naturally cool out the home environment.  Check out as we share some tips on how to make your home cooler without an air conditioner.  Keep your cool and follow the following:

1. Install Black Curtains, Or Close Blinds During The Day

The penetration of sunlight contributes to a lot of heat inside the house.  Almost 45% of the sunlight that enters our window and doors are converted to surface heat which will make the room or the house warmer.  You can naturally use your curtains or your blinds as a natural blockage for the sun.  Make sure that during midday, all of your heavily or dark colored curtains/blinds are closed to make the sun blocking possible. This remedy is best during the warmest times of the day. You can begin opening them at dusk when the sun is almost out. These steps will make sure that the cold air is properly stored and circulating. This process also saves you up to 7% of electricity usage.  You don’t really need an air conditioner, just some properly colored curtains and blinds — they do a good cooling job.

2. Learn About Fan Hacks

Electric fans are the best solutions to the scorching heat if you don’t have air conditioners at home. Right now there are a lot of conventional ways to make your electric fans a homemade upgrade. The bowl of ice plus a fan is the best ones that we can do about a better cooling machine. All you have to do is to use a bowl of ice mixed with salt in front of your fan.  This acts as a natural cooling method to make the air that the fan produces way more cooler than it normally is.   You can also place your fans on an open window to get fresher air at night. These natural home remedies will just use the normal electrical or energy consumption of the fan. The internet is a good place where to check some more of these fans hacks, all you have to do is to resourceful and creative. This hack could also be a good scientific activity to be enjoyed with kids. 

3. Hydrate Yourself Properly

Cooling a house is not just about the things we use or how the house is built. One best thing to keep the house environment a bit cooler without an air conditioner is by properly hydrating ourselves. A regular or good water intake will make our bodies cooler. So outside or inside the house, you should always carry the note that 8-10 glasses of water is still the best.  One other way of properly hydrating the body is by washing or bathing. It will not only prepare the body physically but even mentally cooler. Once the brain has been signaled that the body is getting refreshed by a cold water bath, this will leave us more comfortable and will retain this mood up to 4 hours.  So if you are feeling warm inside your home, quench that thirst, or plunge yourself into the shower. Be fresh and be refreshed. Air conditioners is not the only answer, because water is still the best life support especially on hot days!

4. Create a Greener Environment at Home

The best way to naturally cool a house is by adding some indoor plants. There are a lot of indoor plants that do not only make the house temperature cooler.  Some plants make a healthier home too! We know that plants use carbon dioxide to make food and emit fresh oxygen. This natural cycle will lessen the heat inside houses by converting these into a useful form which is oxygen.  They also refresh the eyes and the mind which could also be a good help for your mood on a warm season. These plants are best placed on the areas where the sun usually reaches. Some indoor plants also make a good catcher for summer insects such as flies and mosquitoes. So apart from making your home a bit cooler, they also make it safer! Being green is not a problem, it could be the solution!

5. Minimize The Usage Of Indoor Cooking

If it is really hot during the day, one of the best hacks to minimize the warm temperature inside the house is to get away from the kitchen. Some common kitchen appliances such as cooker hobs and ovens contribute a lot to heat generation. We know that we need food in our daily lives. We are not saying that you don’t have to cook at all, all you have to do is to have pre-planned cooking.  The best way to cook dishes is before the noon hits.  So if you plan to have a heavy lunch, start prepping things up by 10:00 pm.  The heat generated by the whole process of cooking plus the heat generated from the appliances will be retained inside the house.  If you have to cook, better yet use the grill and have the meals cooked outside the house.

6. Install Ceiling Insulation

Sometimes, having a high ceiling is not the only remedy for home temperature moderation. Some houses are installed with ceiling insulations which do a pretty good job. Insulation is a material that moderates temperature, thus making home cooler with its inside environment. This is a remedy that could last for a very long time. Unlike the ones mentioned above, the ceiling installation is the most cost-efficient as it could be there for a very long period of time.  Houses with low clearance ceilings are the once which are recorded to be the hardest to cool off.  This makes it a thing that when your house has a low ceiling, the foam insulation is the best one for you. You don’t have to buy a machine that needs a lot of maintenance, just have a wiser investment on having insulation on the ceiling.

7. Turn On Your Vents and Exhaust Fans

One of the best ways to make the home cooler is by using vents and exhaust fans properly. Some small portions of the house just like the bathroom and the kitchen vents should always be present. Having these machines turned on, you will be able to push out warm air outside the house to keep the environment cool and fresh.  It might look very impossible that these little machines could do the job, but for sure they do it.  These appliances also help a lot with air circulation.

There are so many ways on how to save electricity at home, and still, feel comfortable. All you have to start with is the resourcefulness and creativity in doing such!