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Looking for ways on how to keep your home child-accident proof? According to studies, accidents at home is one of the top reasons why children are taken to the emergency room every year. Thus, it is important that as adults, we take necessary precautions on how we can make our home child-accident proof our home. You might think that your kids are too smart or too naive to cause accidents, but either way, it can happen.

In this article, we are going to share with you the most practical tips on how you can childproof your house.

Secure Your Lower Cabinets

It would be ideal if you place locks on your lower cabinets. More often than not, these cabinets are filled with items such as detergent, cleaning agents, bleach and similar chemicals. It would be a horror if your kid accidentally drank any of these. A child-accident proof home has secure cabinets!

Fix the Crib Properly

If your child is growing up fast, make sure to lower the crib’s mattress. This is so he will not be able to climb up easily which can cause him to fall. In addition, try not to put too many toys in the crib. They can use these toys as makeshift ladders to help them climb.

Hide Your Power Strip

Our kids can get pretty playful, and we all know that. The danger of exposing your power strip is that your child can accidentally put metal in the holes and that can electrocute them instantly. If you can’t hide your power strip, then at least cover it!

Mount Your Frames and TV

It is advisable that you mount your TV on the wall instead of just placing it where your kid can easily climb and reach it. It is easier to child-accident proof our houses of heavy things are unreachable by our young ones! The worst scenario is that the set might fall on your child. This goes the same with photo frames. It would be better to just hang it and consider its height. Photo frames usually have glass as its cover and when shattered, can cause serious injuries.  

Put Candles and Matches Out of Reach

Apart from starting a fire, your toddler can accidentally swallow candle wax. Obviously, this is very dangerous and your kid can possibly choke. The best thing to do is to place your candles and matches wherein your kids cannot reach it. Or perhaps you can use LED candles instead of real ones.

Check the Edges of Your Tables

This is very important because these edges can cut your kid. You might want to secure it by adding edge bumpers, or place your tables and other ‘edgy’ furniture in an area where your kids cannot go to. Most cases of child injuries are table edge bumps, so to child-accident proof the house, it will be good to check these edges! 

Organize Your Electrical Cord

Make sure that your electrical cords are always organized. If left untidy, your kids might trip over. Plus, they might accidentally strangulate themselves.

The lesson here is to not be complacent. Having kids at home, while extremely joyful, entails bigger responsibilities. You need to think of all the possible accidents that might happen so you can have preventive measures. Some people might think that we are overreacting, but seeing the data and the number of kids in the hospital due to home accidents, we really have to raise the bar in childproofing our homes.