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We have to design a clutter-free room for our kids to assure their safety. Children’s rooms are a pretty certain mess all the time. The books and papers are everywhere, and toys are scattered on the floor. 

Sometimes they like it in that manner, so they can just see what they are looking for or simply they are not overwhelmed with their stuff and thankful for them. But, somehow a clutter room will add stress and not healthy as well. 

For these causes, you must instruct your kids not to clutter from time to time. You may as well pay heed to these tips on how to make your children’s room clutter-free

1. Provide storage boxes

One thing that can make your children’s room neat is ample of storage boxes. You must provide storage boxes for their old toys, art sets, papers, magazines, and old books. 

Label them and remind your kids to put the things in the designated boxes when not in use or gaming. You may set an example first by showing them how to de-clutter their room using those storage boxes. 

In time as they grow up they will be used to keeping their things and remember how you clutter their room.  

2. Don’t forget the trash can 

Teach your children to throw their garbage in the trash can. You must teach them this at their youthful age. 

With this, you must supply a decent size of trash can in their rooms. Prompt them to give their food peels, unused papers, and other wastes in the trash can from time to time. Educating them at a young age about proper garbage disposal will not only make a clutter-free room! You are also teaching them to have a sense of responsibility for garbage disposal. 

3. Have a room check-up regularly

Never miss a day visiting your children’s room. On your visit, if you see toys scattered on the floor pick them up right away and place them in their toy cabinet or storage boxes. 

This goes the same with the wastes that you see in their bedrooms. Sweep the floor right away or throw them in the trash can immediately. An immediate action like sweeping will surely make your kid’s room clutter-free. 

Do not let them stay as they are for days. Pretty certain, they will get more clutter or worse. 

4. It’s time to give them away

Make it a habit to sort out the things of your children every 6 months or at the end of the year. Those unwanted toys, used magazines and books, clothes, and blankets can be donated to other people and children. 

Meanwhile, you may throw aside the worn toys. You may also take the old papers, notebooks, magazines, and books to a recycling center. Some clothes can be used as rugs or you may give them to those in need. This will make their rooms clutter-free with an added bonus of helping others who are in need.  

5. Do not buy many things 

Do not permit your children to use to buying many things. Remind them to buy only what they need. 

In case, they just simply want something, just buy little ones and do not exaggerate it. 

Most kids enjoy toys and often times they purchase each week. But, as they grow up there likes shift to other things such as books or clothes. 

These things are not bad and make them happy. But, simply, remind them to be moderate in buying things. Everything that is excessive becomes worse as the saying goes. 

6. Clean the room each day

You have to clean the room every day or remind your children how to clean their room. Start by fixing their bed when they wake up in the morning. 

Teach them how to fix their beds at an early age. Then, sweep the floor and mop it if needed. By setting an example, your children will learn to clean their rooms when they grow up. 

7. Keep the study table organize

The study table or the homework space of your children is usually cluttered with papers and used pens and pencils. 

Provide a pen holder and give off the pens with no ink and broken pencils. Put a tray as well for erasers, stapler, staple, and paper clips along the work board. 

Organize the papers and stack them neatly. You may offer a stacking tray too for papers. Sort out the papers and throw those that are not needed. You may do these regularly. 

A clutter-free children’s room is indeed possible. It can cause your children to be organized, tidy and free from tension. All it calls for you to do is ascertain the above tips and teach your kids to be orderly at an early age