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Do you know that a clogged drain is the number one problem faced by every homeowner all over the world? Facing this tedious kitchen problem gives a lot of headaches not only with the inconvenience it may serve inside our houses. But also on the difficulty, you may face on finding a solution about it. We all love a seamless performance of our kitchen sinks and other drains inside the house.

It may come to a point that these drains get congested. There’s a lot which might cause clogging.  In the kitchen, the number one suspect is food leftovers and kitchen scrapings.  While in the bathroom, you can single out a lot! Starting from hairs, shampoo and soap sachet cutouts, and even chalk residue from our soaps. You can easily identify these agents. But thinking about when clogging might happen, no one can tell! 

We are pretty sure that you are reading this article because you want to unclog your drain right into this moment. So added with the fact that the drains must be maintained regularly by experts, we have some solutions to offer. Check out our First aid tips on How to fix clogged drains. 

A. Home Chemical Remedies:

When clogging happens, we usually resort to buying premixed unclogging solutions out in the market. You should think twice! You can actually unclog your drains by using chemicals found inside your home.  Check out these combinations to act as your clogging solution.

1. Dish Soap and Hot Water

If your drain is clogged by grease, then this method should work pretty well. Start by squirting a good amount of soap down the drain. Make sure that the dishwashing soap is the saturated formula (not mixed with water.) Then quickly follow it by a kettle full of boiling water.  This process should take away the clog. For future prevention, do this at least once a week. 

2. Baking Soda and Vinegar

The number savior among our household problems is the baking soda. This is an easy science. Baking soda is a basic element, while vinegar is acidic. Having these two combined results in a chemical reaction that will unclog your drains.  To start, you should remove all visible debris on your drain opening.  Pour up to 100 grams of dry baking soda down your drain. Then immediately pour half a cup of vinegar to start the chemical reaction. If you can see bubbles forming, it is now the time to cover the drain with a rag or drain plug. Leave this for 30 minutes to let it corrode the clogging materials.  

Once done, you can now remove the plug, and run a hot boiling water into the drain to make sure that everything is flushed out. 

3. Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

Hydrogen peroxide is not only medical chemical. It can also be a drain clogging remedy. All you have to do is to mix a cup or 250 ml of Hydrogen Peroxide with a tablespoon of baking soda. Stir the mixture to make colloid. Once done, you can now pour it down the drain. Let the mixture foam or rise to make it break the clog and clear your drain. This is highly suggested to those drains clogged with food leftovers. 

4. Carbonated Drink or Sodas

Yes, you’ve got it right! Carbonated drink or sodas are not just for thirst quenching. They can also help you unclog your drains. these drinks or liquids are naturally acidic. They act just like vinegar which could corrode some particles which are blocking your drains. All you have to do is to prepare a soda with a room temperature. Pour it down your drain, and let it bubble or fizz for an hour or two. These drinks are filled with phosphoric acids which are more acidic than a natural lemon juice. After waiting, you can now freely pour a hot water to totally rinse out the gunk.

B. Mechanical Remedies:

If the chemical remedies don’t work for you, then you need a stronger first aid. This section will help you unclog your drain by using gadgets and tools. They easily get the job done! So before you head out to the nearest hardware, check this and select the best one you can choose.

1. The Mighty Plunger

Every clog is solved by a good plunger. nowadays they come in all shapes and forms. Plungers act like a push-and-suction which could start a movement in your clogged drains. This is very effective if you have big chunks of food leftovers down your sink. All you have to do is to fill the sink with a good amount of water while pumping the plunger in and out. It is advisable to pump it at a good rate of 10 pumps in half a minute. This adds additional lubrication and force to push down those gunk particles. 

2. The Drain Snake

A drain snake is a new gadget that helps to pull out the clogs in our sinks. This is perfect for food leftover and hair in the bathrooms. This is designed just like a snake which has some stems into it to that serves a lot of purposes. the first one is to break down chunks of clogging from food particle. And the second one is pulling up collected hair inside our shower drains. All you have to do is to insert the drain snake on any clogged drain. Make sure that you maximize its length to gather all of the clogging particles. Once the drain snake is all in, you have to push in and pull it out. Repeat the process for 5 cycles. After that, you can now pull it out to take off some of the clogged particles. 

What to do after your drain is running smoothly.

Now that the drain problem is now solved, there are still a lot of prevention measures that you could do. The most basic is installing a wire mesh into your drains to filter the water from any particles which might cause clogging in the future. By using some home chemicals such as vinegar and soda, you can easily maintain your drains. Make it a habit to pour in some of these chemicals occasionally. Once you have some leftover sodas you can just dump it right into your drain. This goes the same with vinegar.  You can also consider changing your normal sink stoppers. There are some available basket stoppers which collectes the leftover residue for you. Lesser job, lesser junk to touch when you are washing your dishes. 

By using household products like baking soda in your drain, you will not only have a cleaner smelling kitchen, but you also won’t have the unexpected expense (and stress) of having to call a plumber or a home maintenance expert.

Maintaining a kitchen or bathroom drain might is truly a very challenging job.  But once you have practiced a very good prevention habit, then you’ll surely not think about clogging in the future. If the above-mentioned ways still don’t work, then that’s the perfect time to ask for some help from the experts. There are some good home maintenance services which you can call to get the job done for you. They just don’t solve the problem, but also helps you in maintaining all of these things.