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Looking for oven efficiency tips?  We re here to help!

The oven has been there for a very long period of time. This kitchen staple appliance has been known to be very useful when it comes to baking. As time goes by, oven usage has been fast evolving. Right now, up to this date oven can be used to a lot of different cuisine styles and preparations. It could be used for baking, roasting, grilling and many more.

Added to these facts is that the oven also uses a lot of electricity or gas. Using it on single cooking or baking for an hour is equivalent to an overnight electric consumption of the refrigerator. A large amount of the electricity it uses to push a lot of baking moms, and even homeowners to dive away from using the oven. They would rather prefer to use tabletop cooker hobs since it is more efficient.  Right now, you don’t have to worry about it. There are so many ways on how to use the oven guilt-free. All it takes is resourcefulness and creativity.  So grab your oven pans and start preparing your ideal oven-prepared dish! We are here to help you! We are about to share some easy tips to follow on how to cook more efficiently with your oven.

1. Cleaning the oven properly. 

Just like the other appliances at home, the oven needs a thorough cleaning. Oven efficiency is assured when it is properly cleaned.  This process will be making your oven performance and consumption more efficiently.  A well-cleaned oven is likely to perform up to 25% better. A sparkling clean oven will make the heat go directly into the food you are cooking.  Burnt particles from past recipes could be a distraction to the heat generation. Some grease splatters could also make it harder for the oven to warm up its surfaces as it is covered with other substances. Since most ovens are stainless steel, there is a special way on how to clean it! 

Apart from keeping its efficient performance, keeping the oven clean also leaves a lot of good things for the food you are cooking.  There will be no other traces of past recipes to the smell of the dish you are baking if the oven is properly cleaned. It will also save you a lot of time when it comes to the oven maintenance as it becomes easier to clean each time.  The more it is cleaned, the lesser time it uses to cook your family’s meal! Oven efficiency leads to delicious and hearty foods!

2. Avoid oven peeking.

As we all want to have a perfectly baked muffin or any other food, peeking is a no-no.  The sudden opening of the oven door every now and then releases a lot of heat to the outside environment.  It takes away  25 degrees of the originally generated heat.  This practice reduces oven efficiency.  So once you closed the door, the timer should be set perfectly.  This process takes you away from further checking afterward.

Resist the urge of this oven no-no.  It won’t be efficient to do this practice as your oven will be having a hard time to equalise the inside environment for the temperature you have set. We know that prevention is better than cure! The best prevention we could do is to set the timer properly, and prep up ingredients the way they should be. You can always tell the doneness of the dish by just using your nose. As experts say, cooking could be determined by a good nasal sense. An efficient oven does not need to be opened up multiple times to check the doneness of the food inside.

3. Know what rack of the oven to use. 

Ovens, be it large or small, has a lot of different rack compartments. Some of these ovens might come with removable and non-removable racks. These racks should be having at least three different layer compartments.  High Rack: This oven rack the one that ought to be used for high-temperature quick cooking.  It is advisable for baking pasta dishes. This one the hardest to use as it is the one nearest to the heating tubes. Middle Rack: This oven rack is the one that ought to be used for moderate cooking.

This portion receives an equal amount of top and bottom heat from the oven.  It is advisable for baking cakes, and other pastry goods, as it has an equal amount of top and bottom heat. Bottom Rack: The last rack makes the best cooking for large and long duration baking. Foods which are big and heavy should be placed here. Some advisable re turkeys, and other proteins and foods which need thorough cooking. Once you know what oven rack you should use, this makes it most efficient for operation. As is does not only save a lot for electric consumption.

It also gives you an excellent and delicious result from your cooking. Not to mention, the time you use is also maximised.

4. Use efficient baking dishes and containers.

Knowing the best baking dish to use does not only make your food presentable and well-cooked. The proper advisable dishes also adds up to oven efficiency.

Some material just can’t go with the oven’s heating operation. Sometimes it also becomes a crucial part for the result of your dish.  Sometimes when we think of using the oven, we would rather choose metal pans.  In contrast to this, do you know that glass or ceramic baking dishes hold more heat compared to metallic ones? So except baking pastry supplies, the glass or ceramics is the best one to be used.

These materials might be costly compared to the metal pans, it at least helps a lot when it comes to oven efficiency. If you use the glass or ceramics, you can turn down the temperature up to 25 degrees.  Doing such will cook the food just as quick as compared to metal pans. The same rule applies to tabletop cooker hobs too!

5. Do multitasking if necessary. 

Sometimes if you have a very large oven and small foods to cook, multitasking is the key.  You can maximise oven and microwave usage and run it efficiently by properly adding some things inside.  For example, you are baking a tray of your favorite pasta, and you have some large cuts of meat that needs to be thawed. You can just load both inside the oven. Just make sure that the cooking and thawing times of the 2 different meals go together. By this, you can make it run efficiently as the temperature inside the oven is properly moderated by both components.

This goes with the third tip mentioned earlier.  The right rack usage could help you a lot with this. Properly planning the family’s meal could also help you out if you want to do multitasking. It does not only add up to the oven efficiency but also frees a lot of your time which could be spent on some other things!

See, there are still a lot of things which you could consider! Before doubting yourself for using the oven, just always take note of these simple tips. You don’t have to worry about efficiency if you have all of this into your mind. To note, the best meals are prepared with smart choices!