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Cleaning the tile grout at home makes one of the tops ignored cleaning places in the household. We might not see this as a very big problem, for sure it will be if left there for a very long time.  Home tiles make tough flooring materials. The built varies from marble, cement, and many other modern materials. Since the tiles couldn’t be together in tight places, the tile grout plays an essential part. 

The tiles can actually resist dirt.  The grout cannot. It is made from porous substances which could absorb specks of dirt and spills easily.  This is very true to the kitchen, and sometimes to the living room. One of the hardest to clean grouts are those you can find on damp places just like the kitchen sink, and in the bath\. Check out as we share ways on how to clean tile grout easily and efficiently. 

1. Pour warm water

The tile grout cleaning starts with warm water. Pour out a generous amount of warm water to the tile grout which could cover the total surface. Leave the warm water for 5 minutes. By following such, you are letting the absorbed dirt or stain to loosen up before cleaning. It does not only make the dirt to loosen up, but it also leaves a protective film for the tiles for further scratches during the cleanup. It also conditions the hardness of the tile grout to a softer one, so that it will become easier to be brushed. 

2. Spray cleaning solution

One of the best tried and tested cleaning solution for the tile grout is the vinegar and baking soda solution. You can just mix 50 ml of vinegar to 50 ml of water and  3 tbsp of baking soda. Dilute the baking soda and then put it in a spray bottle. You can now just spray the solution to the tile grout. The natural acids from the vinegar will be loosening the impurities on the grout. It is more advisable to use the distilled vinegar for a neutral smell and color. 

For stubborn grout stains, mix a paste of two parts baking soda and one part water. You can spray this on and leave it overnight. If you have coarse or porous tile like marble, you can use a less acidic solution because vinegar can stain the tile. Try mixing one-part peroxide to two-parts baking soda instead.

3. Brush it thoroughly

A floor brush is the highly recommended size and toughness to be used in grout cleaning. Toothbrushes have the toughness that is good enough to knock the dirt, and gentle enough to keep the tile grout pieces all together. You have to put extra effort into brushing to take away that deeply seeded dirt since the grout is porous. Be tough on the dirt, but be gentle with the grout!

For very tough stains like oil, grease, and other materials, you can also use fine sandpaper.  Fold the sandpaper into two and work with the creased edge back and forth along the grout line. You can also use a pencil-top eraser. Rub it back and forth across the stained grout line.

4. Do the second clean up

A second clean up is always required when it comes to cleaning tile grout. This will enable the grout to go back to its original color. You can use the bleach and water solution.  Use a rag or a mop which has the bleach and water solution to sweep odd the tiles. This cleans up not only the grout but even the tiles. Believe it or not, this practice could also lessen the scratch marks on the tiles due to the natural friction. It will make the overall look of the tiles or the flooring good looking as new! 

5. Rinse it off

Rinsing could be as basic as what you think. Think twice, because this is the most crucial part.  Rinsing is not just pouring out water into the tiles. As it may just spread the dirt which you removed from one portion transferred to another. The proper rinsing of tile is made into portions. You can use a water-vacuum to suck off all of the dirt, instead of having it transported from one place to another. If you don’t have the vacuum, you can just rinse it using a damp cloth, one tile at a time. It is essential to use warm water to still make the grout breathe out all of the remaining dirt.  Do not touch it for 10 minutes to give it good steam!

6. Seal it down

This part which is sealing the grout is commonly forgotten and ignored by homeowners. For us to minimize deeply seeded dirt, we can seal our grout with different materials. There are some silicone-based grout sealers to resist future stains and dirt. This will lock out our grouts from impurities up to 1 month.  You can check home maintenance experts to do this for you. At home, you can also prepare your own tile grout sealers by using candles or paraffin. You can melt down the candles or paraffin into a can, then spread a thin layer of it into the grout. If you don’t have the time, you can just directly rub candles into the grout! Work on it just like tracing straight lines with the candle as your pencil, and the grout as your canvass!  

By doing such, you are also making your tiles waterproof and oil proof. Making it 40% more secured with spill stains and dust. You’ll need to reapply the sealer every two years, or more frequently if the grout is in a high-traffic area.

Knowing how to clean dirty grout improves the look and extends the life of your tile. It also makes the house even good looking and leaves a good feeling that is totally clean and safe! It makes a lump of work during the process for sure! But doing all of this will save you some more time in the future as it will make the tile grout cleaned up for a longer time!  Tile grout cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive. With all of the steps we shared you can just actually check out your cupboards and all should be there.

Just like in all cases, creativity and resourcefulness is the key! A clean home starts with a creative and resourceful minds! Be one!