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Replacing appliances before their lifespan is up is not just costly. It’s time-consuming. Imagine, monitoring the market, waiting for a low price, choosing the right appliance, waiting for delivery, arranging installation… Meanwhile, you have to live without such vital machines as a dishwasher, microwave or a washer.

If your appliance breaks down, check its life expectancy. If it’s not up yet, call appliance repair specialists. Choosing such a company could be tough. A good technician could save your appliance in a matter of minutes for a fair price. Meanwhile, a poor specialist could ruin it completely and charge a high price.

Take advantage of the below tips to find the perfect appliance technician for your needs.

1. Choose a Company in Advance

When it comes to appliances, the best thing you can do for your time and money is to choose a repair company in advance. Imagine your dishwasher breaking down on Sunday morning. Whom are you going to call? The machine is leaking, your laundry is in dire straits, you are running around wiping the floor. You want the repairs to be done immediately, right?

If you don’t choose a company in advance, you are taking the risk of finding poor specialists during an emergency.

2. Check the Location

When a breakdown occurs, you are likely to demand assistance immediately. If the repair company office is located out of town, how fast can the technician arrive? The closer the office is, the more likely you are to get help fast.

By the way, is there an office? Some companies work on a freelance basis and don’t have headquarters. This may mean that their technicians aren’t available every day. If you want to make sure you can get help whenever you need it most, find a company with an office.

3. Figure Out the Work Hours

Does the company offer emergency assistance even if the breakdown happens on the weekend or during off-hours? According to Tampa based repair specialists, 24/7 assistance isn’t a must-have. Some companies may not offer such services.

If you think you may need this option, make sure to check if the company provides it. Waiting for two days for an appliance to get fixed may be out of the question for families with children or the elderly.

4. Ask for Referrals

If you are at a loss as to where to start your search, ask around. The best people to talk to about the respectable appliance repair company in the area are your neighbors. Even if you are new in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to make inquiries. Most likely, your neighbors have already gone through a similar search.

If you don’t get any “live” referrals, consider looking for reviews online. Even though they aren’t as useful, these comments could give you an idea of how well companies work.

Pay special attention to how the company responds to reviews (especially negative ones). This can help you evaluate the level of service.

5. Don’t Fall for Flat Rates

Some companies offer flat-rate payment options. When you see the “flat rate”, it should raise a red flag. It’s impossible to fix two appliances for the same price. They are too different from each other. That’s why there is always an asterisk and fine print if the flat rate is mentioned.

Make sure to read the conditions carefully. Most likely, you’ll be overpaying. In many cases, the company would charge that rate even if the repairs were impossible to make.

6. Make a Background Check

Use the internet to find out all you can about the company. How long has it been in business? How many people does it employ? Which appliances does it work with? Does it charge you if the appliance hasn’t been repaired? If you can’t find answers online, call the company and ask the above questions.

Does the business have a user-friendly website with all services listed and a Q&A section? Companies that spend time on good website design care for their business reputation and clients’ experience.

You can check social media pages as well to see reviews, posts, and articles. Companies with excellent social media presence are worth considering. It means they take a serious approach to the company’s reputation and marketing efforts.

7. Compare Prices

A company has the right to set any price for appliance repair. That’s why you need to do some research comparing prices. Make sure to pay special attention to the fine print, which usually accompanies the “pricing” section on the website.

Before making the final decision about the company, call the representative and ask about the pricing in detail.

Don’t fall for low price options. Most likely, you’ll encounter hidden costs along the way.

8. Find Out About Warranties

Many companies are willing to give a warranty for their repair. The longer the warranty, the more confident the technician is about the results.

If the company doesn’t offer any warranty, consider looking for other options. But don’t expect to get a warranty for the repair of appliances, the life expectancy of which is about to be up.

Final Thoughts

It makes sense to start searching for an appliance repair company before you face any breakdowns. Start with asking for referrals and do some research to figure out which company suits you the best. So when an emergency occurs, you are ready to battle it.