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Knowing how long does our home appliances last is essential at home-owning. Putting up our investments into the right things is the way it should be. We would always want to make our hard-earned money to turn into something that gives us a good return. That makes a very good point to invest in some appliances. These homewares are our life partners when it comes to home chores. They make our lives easier compared to the traditional ways of how we should do our tasks. With that being said, our expectations are also set that they should last for a long time. But of course, with the normal wear and tear of everything, they also deteriorate and totally dies.

No matter what brand and type of appliance it may be, there are certain specific factors that affect their performances.  Some good things don’t really last forever, that’s the reason why we are here to guide. We have here a list of the common lifespan of some appliances and some brands. Check out as we share how long do some of the common home appliances last for? 

1. Washing Machine

(Leading Brands: Daikin, Whirlpool, and Samsung )

Washing Machine‘s common and expected lifespan is 10 years.  The washing machine is known to be the tough machine for tough stains and specks of dirt among our fabrics. Experts say that the minimum life span that the washing machine, no matter what the brand is 10 years. To make this possible or even make it last longer it is best to follow some care and maintenance tips. 

  • Do not overload: Overloading will damage their engines that make the cleaning blades turn. This will also make the washing machine function inefficiently which results in poor cleaning ability.
  • Proper cleaning:  Yes, the washing machine also needs proper cleaning. It is a good thing to know that we should always rinse the appliance after use. Running an empty cycle with just water in the machine will be eliminating chalk and residue build-up from our detergents. This will make the blades clear from any obstructions. 

Following these practices will add up to 2 years into your washing machine’s life span. We also have another blog for more of these tips! 

2. Cooker Hobs

 (Leading Brands:  Joven, Whirlpool, and Mitsubishi)

Cooker Hob‘s common and expected lifespan is 12-15 years. Cooker hob is one type of appliance which could be made from different materials.  Some of which are made from stainless,  some are glass. They even differ from heat sources such as electricity and LPG. But do you know that no matter what the build of your cooker hob is, the number 1 common damaging factor is physical force?  This means that our ways of operating the appliance is the number one cause why some cooker hobs don’t last that long. To make this possible or even make it last longer it is best to follow some care and maintenance tips. 

  • Use Compatible Cookwares:  When it comes to cooking, it is also important to use cookware which will be compatible with the type of cooker hob you have at home. This is a very special case with glass finished electrical cooker hobs. This is a more sophisticated appliance as it requires flat surface bottom cookware for it not to be damaged.
  • Operate Gently: Sometimes, when we are doing some kitchen techniques, such as pan flipping and casserole shaking this leaves a very damaging force to our coils. These processes shake the coil of our cooker hobs which makes it very loose. So it is always a good point to operate our cooker hobs with finesse. 

Following these practices will add up to 2 years into you cooker hob’s life span. 

3. Air Conditioners

(Leading Brands:  LG, Samsung, and Joven)

Air Conditioner’s common and expected lifespan is 15-20 years. Experts say that the air conditioner is the most durable appliance compared to any other appliances in the house. With proper care, it will even last longer than what it is expected to perform thru. Looking at it, there are so many different types of air conditioners out in the market. No matter what type it is, there are still some common ways on how to make the air conditioners last. To make this possible or even make it last longer it is best to follow some care and maintenance tips. 

  • Choose the Right HP: HP means horsepower. This is the capacity or strength of an air conditioner when it comes to cooling a specific area in the house. You should always consider checking the right one, as this makes the cooling more efficient if it is matched with the proper room size or coverage area. The higher HP, the larger area it can cover, 
  • Periodic Cleaning: When it comes to air conditioners, periodic cleaning of filters and air chambers is very essential. You can have a 3 month period to make sure these appliances are cleaned properly. You can have an air conditioner specialist to do this for you! 

Following these practices will add up to 5 years into your air conditioner’s life span. Check out our other blog for more air conditioner maintenance tips!

4. Televisions

(Leading Brands:  LG, Samsung, and Sony)

Television’s common and expected lifespan is 15-20 years. With technological advancements, televisions can do more than just catching signals for cable and local television channels. There are some which could be connected to the internet and could even let you play games with itself alone.  As a living room staple, it is one of the longest-used appliances inside the house.  To make this possible or even make it last longer it is best to follow some care and maintenance tips. 

  • Turn it off before unplugging: Just like the standard for computers, it is a must to power off the televisions first before unplugging it to the main power source. This practice will make the computer system of the television to properly and shut down its components. Sudden power loss will result in computer box damages. 
  • Follow standard use. Standard use of televisions as prescribed by experts is 4-5 hours of continuous play. Make sure that the screen time won’t be lasting more than these prescribed hours to preserve the pixel density for a sharper and vivid display. 

Following these practices will add up to 5 years to your televisions’ life span.

5. Microwave ovens

(Leading Brands:  LG, Samsung, and Hitachi)

Microwave oven’s common and expected lifespan is 5-8 years. Reheating and cooking in our microwave ovens offer a very convenient living in our homes and even in our offices. It is just operated by one touch function, then voila! Your food is ready for consumption. To make the best years out of your microwave, you can follow some of our care and maintenance tips. 

  • Follow the timer: When using a microwave, you should always follow the timer before opening the microwave doors. This enables the appliance’s heating mechanism to properly shut down. Prompt opening of the doors will cause damage to the main computer box of the appliance. 
  • Clean and Go: As we use the microwave there are some instances that grease and food residue pops out of their containers. These are some factors that cause rusting and damage within the microwave’s internal walls. For efficient function and sanitation purposes, always make sure to wipe the microwave internal walls with a paper towel right after every use. 

Following these practices will add up to 5 years to your microwave oven’s life span.

No matter what the brand of the appliances we use at home, our way of operating and maintenance plays a vital role in keeping them intact and properly function.  So always see to it that to make the best out of our appliance investment, there are some things which we need to follow and do! Always remember that a responsible homeowner knows how to handle his/her appliance properly! It is a must!