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Marie Kondo built an empire in the tidying industry from her principles and tips on decluttering. She became one of the best-selling authors for her book “KonMari” decluttering process.  Over time, she also established a name in the industry as a consultant which also paved her way into the television industry. Recently, Netflix released a series with the title “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” which helps individuals organize and tidy up their homes

With this, we all know that a house which is well-organised make a happier living space. If you are one of the many people who are stressed with house clutters, worry no more! We are here to help you by sharing some of the house tidying tips the Marie Kondo way. Our team studied how Marie Kondo applies her principles so that we can relay the knowledge to you right now!

Here are the six rules to follow for tidying up:

1. Commit yourself to tidy up

As they say, every decision should start with ourselves. Committing yourself to the whole tidying up process should be your starting mark to reach the finish line. You should have a laser focus on your goal! Tidying the house up is never an easy task, we understand that, so for you to be able to clear up the clutters, commitment should be with you. We know that along the way, there are so many obstacles that may hinder your tidying success, you should still be focused and committed. Some of these obstacles are: 

  1. The sentimental value of our belongings
  1. Choosing whether to keep or discard broken appliances and stuff
  2. Time Management

With all of these major challenges, you should still stay committed and true to your decluttering goal!

2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle

Setting out a goal is the next rule. Knowing how to live your life inside your home space plays a very vital role in decluttering. When you know how you wanted to live inside your house, you will be able to set up a long term change in your lifestyle. Changing the way our house looks will surely affect our lifestyle. Imagine a decluttered and tidied up home, you don’t have to rush for mornings cleaning up the house!  Instead of using the cleaning time for other worthwhile things, you will be able to utilise it to more productive things instead. Once you have fully set up your imagination to your ideal lifestyle, you will be able to come up with a solid plan regarding home decluttering.

3. Finish Discarding First

Of course, we want an organised home! The leg work of the decluttering process should start with discarding items first! Never jump from one task to another! If you started discarding items, allocate the whole focus and time in finishing it.  It is always helpful to segregate items to categories such as  “should be discarded,” “stuff that needs repair,” and “old items for donation.” Once you have fully identified these three categories you will be able to make the job easier for decluttering. It also enables you to breathe in new life for broken things such as home appliances and furniture.  Once you have checked the ones that need repair, call a maintenance service to have them checked. All that couldn’t be saved should be discarded. But before discarding old appliances, you should check how and where to dump them!

4. Tidy by category – not by location.

In home cleaning, we tend to clean parts of the house by location. In decluttering and tidying up, our main goal is not to clean, but to remove all unnecessary things that hinder us from our happiness and productivity! So with that being said, it is always helpful to do decluttering by category. That is why we have told you the three categories that should go with the decluttering process from item number three! We should always categorise our items so that we will be able to reach our decluttering goals! 

For example, if you wanted to start with appliances and home items, gather all the things that fall under the same category from all portions of the house. From there, you can start choosing things that you really need to use in your daily living!

5. Follow the right order.

With the tips mentioned from numbers 1 -5, you should always follow them in the right orders! And most importantly, never skip any steps.  The “konmari” way of decluttering is a systematised organization of ideas to help your mindset and your joy to work on with your body to remove things that adds clutter in your life. In order to reach your goal, you should be able to follow the right order to assure that things are well-followed and implemented.

6. Ask yourself if it sparks joy! 

Finally, but certainly not the least check yourself if decluttering sparks joy!  The ending point and goal in here are to remove clutters to provide a more joyful lifestyle and a more productive life. So you better ask yourself if you will be happy with the outcome. If it doesn’t make you happy, you are not yet ready to declutter! Always think that the reason why you are doing the decluttering is for a joyous life free from clutters!