wine chiller maintenance

Whether you recently unpacked your brand-new wine chiller or have had one for a while, it’s crucial to make sure you take every precaution to keep it in good working order. Although wine refrigerators require relatively little maintenance, there are a few things you can do to increase the effectiveness and lifespan of your device.

Read on to discover the best wine chiller maintenance tips from Yeobuild HomeRepair to help you and your wine refrigerator live a long and fulfilling life together.


  • Consider A Proper Location

Where you choose to place your wine refrigerator can mean all the difference. When you are choosing where to put your wine cooler, consider the following factors.

Consider A Proper Location

  • Ventilation

This will largely dictate your positioning possibilities whether or not your unit has front ventilation. If it has front ventilation, you can install this appliance under the counter, flush with the cabinetry, or in a separate location. You should avoid putting it in any kind of cramped place if it lacks front ventilation. Anyplace else is acceptable. It is strongly advised to leave 2 to 4 inches on each side if you must fit it into a small space in order to allow for adequate airflow.


  • Sunlight & Ambient Temperature

The surrounding temperature and distance from windows or other heat sources should also be taken into account when determining where to put anything. Wine is extremely vulnerable to heat and UV radiation. Your wine refrigerator should not be placed in an area where the temperature exceeds 90°F or falls below 60°F.


Any sort of wine cooler that you purchase should not be put in a location that gets a lot of direct sunlight, especially if it has a glass door. Make careful to buy a unit with a tinted and/or dual pane glass door if your intended placement does receive some sunlight. This will aid in shielding your wine from potential UV radiation damage. Additional areas to stay away from include adjacent to other heat-dissipating equipment like an oven, dishwasher, washer, or dryer.


  • Be Mindful Proper Installation

Be Mindful Proper Installation

The next step is to correctly install your wine fridge once you’ve chosen the ideal spot for it. One of the most crucial strategies to guarantee efficiency is to do this. After unpacking, leave your unit upright for at least 24 hours. This enables all of the internal parts to settle who may have been rattled during shipping. It’s crucial to level your wine refrigerator as well. To determine whether your unit has to be leveled, you may use a carpenter’s level. Leveling legs are already included in the majority of wine refrigerators. Simply flip them to the right to lower or to the left to raise them to the desired position to adjust.


It can now be plugged in after being leveled. Make sure you put it into a 3-hole electrical socket to guarantee adequate grounding. This significantly reduces the risk of a shock hazard.


  • Have Wine Chiller Capacity Awareness

Have Wine Chiller Capacity Awareness

The unit and your wine must not be overloaded in your wine refrigerator. Bottle capacities are based on 750 mL Bordeaux-style wine bottles unless otherwise stated by the maker. The stated bottle capacity does not apply if you have unusual wine varieties like Champagne, Bordeaux, Riesling, or others that come in a variety of bottle forms.


It is always preferable to purchase a device with more capacity than is required. Whether the perfect capacity is reached or not, each bottle will be thoroughly cooled and prepared for serving. You face the risk of hot spots developing inside the wine fridge if its capacity is surpassed, which could cause your wine to spoil. The overworked fridge will probably start to face other operational problems if the problem is not fixed right away.


  • Do Regular Cleaning

Do Regular Cleaning

Your appliance will operate at its peak performance if you give it a periodic cleaning. This is also a good time to check for any unsightly moisture or frost buildups in areas that are hard to notice. Disconnect the unit’s power in order to do this. Remove all the shelves and bottles from the interior. As you complete cleaning, make sure to preserve your collection in a cool, dark location. Just wipe down the interior with a clean, soft cloth, taking note of everything that falls off onto the cloth. Reconnect the unit’s power source after cleaning the interior.

Place the shelves and bottles back in place after it has cooled. If you do this roughly every six months, your wine refrigerator will be clean and you will be able to spot any potential issues sooner than if you never looked inside your refrigerator.


  • Filtration Maintenance

Filtration Maintenance

Some wine refrigerators have an inside carbon filtering system built in. This is an excellent invention since it serves as a natural defense against aromas that may otherwise seep through the cork and into your wine. These filters must be replaced every three to six months or they risk becoming clogged and ceasing to function. It is a good idea to get a few extra replacement filters if you plan to buy a wine cooler with carbon filtration.

Wine collections are investments for many people. And one excellent method to safeguard that investment is with a wine cooler. By taking good care of and keeping your wine refrigerator effectively, make sure you pay attention to your investment.


  • Always Take Note of Proper Wine Chiller Maintenance

Always Take Note of Proper Wine Chiller Maintenance

In general, wine cooler maintenance and upkeep are not very expensive. The only components that will eventually require replacement or repair because the internal mechanisms are built to last are all the exterior components, which are significantly more prone to malfunction. They consist of interior lights, wiring, and other such components.

In order to avoid unsightly mold growth or leaks, always make sure that the water in the drip tray is changed as regularly as possible. It must be done manually because there are no wine cooler models available that automatically drain or remove the water. Moreover, in order to keep the wine cooler optimal, be sure to clean it on a regular basis from the inside out. To maintain the wine cooler working, it’s important to keep in mind all of these maintenance suggestions.

The cooler could malfunction, however the likelihood of this occurring in the first few years of ownership is relatively low. Your wine chiller’s longevity will be substantially increased by taking good care of it and paying attention to the cooling systems. Just like with any other product that needs routine maintenance.


Yeobuild HomeRepair Handles Any and Every Call for Wine Chiller Repair and Maintenance

Look for any maintenance problems that seem to be requiring your attention. As was previously said, maintaining the wine cooler is essential to its longevity. Check all the other components to make sure they are in good functioning order as you take care of cleaning it. If not, immediately take care of them. Avoid letting the issues fester because doing so will only make them worse. Typically, the wine cooler will require a thorough cleaning once or twice a year. Of course, it needs to be cleaned more frequently if it is used more frequently or if an accident occurs, like a bottle shattering.

Wine leaks should never go ignored. Leaks can lead to much worse problems that are challenging to remedy, just as maintenance problems that go unattended. Even though it can seem unimportant, cleaning is a vital component of owning a wine cooler. When everything is taken into account, installing and maintaining a wine cooler is not difficult. It will survive for a very long period as long as proper care, including cleaning, is performed. Yeobuild HomeRepair is prepared to solve any problems that can arise if you ever need wine chiller repair or maintenance. Simply contact us, and we’ll get started on your case right away!

Yeobuild HomeRepair Handles Any and Every Call for Wine Chiller Repair and Maintenance