Holiday Home Maintenance Checklist

The New Year is quickly approaching! Your home’s appliances are most likely operating overtime once more. Have you checked and done some maintenance on your household appliances for the rest of the holidays? Avoid letting the stress of the holidays be brought on by your appliances. To maintain continued functioning, especially during the holidays, frequent maintenance is necessary for all mechanical and electrical equipment. Appliances like your refrigerator and stoves are crucial parts of your home that facilitate daily life. Given that this is one of the busiest times of the year, Yeobuild HomeRepair has created a straightforward checklist of all the appliances or parts of your home you need to pay extra attention to during home maintenance as you approach New Year’s celebrations.

Your Holiday Home Maintenance Checklist

Freezer Maintenance


  • The food and items in your freezer and refrigerator cause the ice in your refrigerator’s ice maker to become tainted with various flavours. 
  • Water from the ice cubes sublimates as air circulates between both compartments, concentrating contaminants and leaving behind stinky, chalky, shrunken ice cubes. 
  • Find ice maker repair and home maintenance professionals who can assist you in fixing your issue and keep an eye out for bad ice and running out of ice. 

Whether you recently purchased a freezer or are already using one that is a few years old, something will inevitably go wrong. Your freezer may occasionally have performance issues, just like any other home appliance. Call the knowledgeable freezer repair and home maintenance professionals at Yeobuild HomeRepair rather than attempting to fix it yourself.


Microwave Maintenance


It is advised to frequently clean your microwave to get rid of food particles, even before the holidays start. Food particles are heated to high temperatures in microwaves, which can cause the top and sides of the microwave to burn. Always keep a regular schedule of dependable microwave repair professionals on hand. This helps you ensure that you further maintain the smooth operation of your microwave during the holidays.


Lights Home Maintenance


Light switches and other electrical switches are an essential part of any electrical work in a house or office renovation, despite being sometimes disregarded. Even more so during the holiday season when light decorations become a staple in every household. Because of this, it’s important to take your time while selecting the best light switch for your rooms. To avoid any potential risks, be sure to only work with a reputable and trustworthy electrician in Singapore. This goes for light switch installation, maintenance, and replacement. It is best to avoid trying to replace light switches on your own if you lack knowledge.

Normal sparks on light switches are usually only the result of a “load arc” that occurs when electricity jumps. This is so they shouldn’t be a source of immediate concern. The presence of a loud or huge spark, however, indicates a broken light switch. Certain buzzing sounds can be caused by worn-out light switches or ones with frayed electrical cords. This often indicates that a light switch should be repaired or replaced. However, if the sound is coming from a dimmer switch, see if the buzzing is coming from the light bulb. This is due to the buzzing noises that the dimming effect frequently produces. Since these need quick repair and replacement, get in touch with a licensed electrician from Yeobuild HomeRepair as soon as you can.

Oven, Range and Burners

Oven, Range, and Burners

Maintain your oven’s cleanliness and give it a periodic inspection. Burners with defects are dangerous and will not cook food properly. Regarding safety, avoid heating your home using a gas oven. Make an appointment with oven repair and home professionals and, if necessary, get your burners changed if your oven temperature is wrong or it is not operating properly. In order for your range hood to operate effectively, you must also keep the vents clean. In severe situations, clogged hood vents might start flames. When doing home maintenance, cleaning your hood on a regular basis will keep your home secure and odour-free. 

  • Above all, it is strongly advised to verify and inspect all electrical parts and components before utilising them.
  • Gas is quick, easy, and reasonably priced. However, just like with any other appliance, you’ll get the most use out of it if you give it regular maintenance.



Dishwasher Maintenance


Every family needs a dishwasher, but it’s especially important over the holidays. Without one, you would have to hand wash all of the dinnerware and cooking pots that your family uses. This would extend the time it takes to clean up after a party. It takes a lot of time to complete this difficult task. With the click of a button and a dishwasher, you can easily get them spotless clean! Keep your dishwasher in great condition by having routine home maintenance performed by qualified plumbing professionals. It is crucial that you regularly test your dishwasher to ensure that it is operating correctly before each usage.  


Refrigerator Maintenance

Refrigerator Maintenance

You will inevitably spend a lot of time in and out of the refrigerator during the holiday baking and cooking. Continue moving the items around and make sure the door is clear at all times. It’s time to have a refrigerator repair specialist inspect it if your refrigerator is still not very cold or doesn’t seem to be closing properly.

  • Confirm that the temperature dial on your refrigerator is set to the appropriate setting. The compressor may overheat if the dial is adjusted either too high or too low.
  • Make sure that your appliance’s vents are not blocked by anything. The chilly air within your refrigerator or freezer can circulate thanks to these vents, which allow air to pass through. 
  • Check the compressor of your appliance to see if it is operating properly if the issue still does not go away on its own. 
  • To accomplish this, unplug the freezer or refrigerator and take off the back panel that conceals the electrical system. 
  • When you hear the compressor unit turn on, hold a hair dryer with the lowest setting beneath it. You might need to contact a reputable repair or maintenance agency if the issue continues.


Cooker Hood Maintenance

Cooker Hood

Your cooker hood will contain carbon filters to cope with odours if it uses recirculation rather than extraction to refresh the air in your kitchen. Depending on how often you cook, you should replace these every three to six months. They will require replacement more frequently if you fry food frequently, most preferably before year-end gatherings where you will most likely be cooking a lot. Your hood’s exterior surfaces come into contact with grease, steam, and smoke, and if left unattended, these can accumulate. 

  • The easiest approach to maintain the appearance of your hood is to routinely clean the exterior surfaces because these build-ups can be quite difficult to remove. 
  • The best way to maintain it is with a weekly wipe-down using a towel and non-abrasive cleanser. 
  • If your hood employs extraction to purify the air in your kitchen, an exhaust duct will connect it to a gap in a wall or window. 
  • This duct should be cleaned at least once every six months since over time, grease and other materials can accumulate there. 

But since this can be a little difficult, you might want to hire a specialist.


Flooring Home Maintenance


It’s time to start getting ready for joyous family get-togethers now that the holiday season is here. Therefore, if you anticipate having visitors over the holidays, more people will walk on your flooring. Additionally, increased foot traffic increases the possibility of damage like spills or wear and tear. As seasoned home maintenance professionals, we think it’s best to maintain your floors proactively. It’s advisable to pay attention to what flooring installers and refinishers have to say about maintaining your surfaces if you want to avoid ruining your flooring. Putting off safeguarding your flooring until it is too late is unwise. If you believe that your flooring needs to be re-sealed, be sure to do so before guests arrive at your property. Additionally, this will shield your flooring from moisture damage and minor scratches.


Work with Yeobuild HomeRepair’s Professional Repair and Home Maintenance Experts for Holiday Help 

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Whether you’re having a distinguished family reunion, a few close friends, or out-of-town visitors, cooking, cleaning, and celebrating are all on the schedule. Spend a few minutes getting your critical appliances as well as other parts of your home ready for the many responsibilities they will complete before the festivities begin. Taking care of them over the full year will keep them operating efficiently. Your appliances will get the upkeep and attention they need to be fully and easily available for the Christmas season and into the New Year when you opt for an appliance repair provider. You may rely on Yeobuild HomeRepair to manage fixing plumbing, appliances, and other significant household issues. Contact us today!