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Smart appliances help us stay healthy! People always say that a healthy home makes a very healthy person and a healthy family. Right now that the technology continues to amaze us, even human’s health is being improved. They have developed a lot of processes to help humans and the world in general with different scientific wonders. This includes the emergence of appliances and gadgets to keep us on top of our health. It started with smartphone features which can track blood pressure, heart rate, walking steps and such.  It is a big game-changer.

But even before that the home appliance manufacturers also started to keep their game by producing health-focused appliances. The main goal of this is to help people be healthier by giving them aids in the form of a home appliance or gadget.  Check out as we share health-focused smart appliances for a better you.

Electronic Water Purifier

1. Electronic Water Purifier

No matter where you live, a safe and healthy water is still a question. You will never be sure about the quality of the water you use for your daily living in your home not until you see how it is processed. With the aid of the Electronic Water Purifier appliance, you will be able to get on top of your water filtration at home.  This one type of the many smart appliances will help you pass through the five-stage water purification process right inside your kitchen. It can eliminate microbes and viruses like an amoeba, and other harmful toxins present in the water you usually consume. This electronic water purifier also adds up a good amount of ions on the water to make it even better for daily intake.

It is also very easy and convenient to operate. All you have to do is to load your water in the electronic water purifier pitcher. Once loaded, you can now plug it in and wait for a few minutes then voila, your water is 60% healthier than what it was on its basic state.

Trash Compactor

2. Trash Compactor

Yes! You’ve got it right, even the trash bin had a very big step into its development. The trash compactor has a  scientifically advanced design to help your environment inside the home healthy.  The trash compactor is one of the smart appliances that is designed to compact all of the waste you collect at home while keeping them sanitized and free from microbes. It has a sanitizing mechanism that breaks down the viruses present in household wastes while compacting it for easier disposal. The trash compactor compresses the collected wastes into a cube form which makes it more organized and landfill friendly. It can contain up to 10 kilograms of both biodegradable and non-biodegradable home wastes. The trash compactor also ditches out the presence of home pests like rats, cockroaches, and many others.

This also keeps us away from the bad odor and harmful gas emissions from the household trash we keep at home. Survey says that homes with the trash compactor are 25% healthier than the usual homes with regular trash bins. 

Artificial Intelligence Home Assistants

3. Artificial  Intelligence Home Assistants

The artificial intelligence made its way to stardom when it was first introduced with smartphone navigations. It can help us a lot when it comes to web searching and convenience. Right now, it has made a lot of unbounded possibilities with human health. The recent development among this appliance is the start of artificial intelligence home assistants. This new appliance is required to be connected on the internet to perform different functions. It can help you track your calorie intake by recording all of the meals, and the activities you do in a day. It might sound impossible, but yes, it accomplishes the job properly. The artificial intelligence assistants also don’t require any typing, since it is highly voice-activated.

Apart from that home function, it can also some other tasks like appointment setting, recipe searching and even entertaining.  It has a lot of unbounded possibilities to perform and accomplish. It is a game-changer in modern homes right now. 

Modern Air Purifier and Air Conditioners

4. Modern Air Purifier and Air Conditioners

When modern technology developed a lot of appliances, the air conditioner also had its reinvention. The modern air purifiers and air conditioners have the ability to cool the air you have inside your home while purifying it away from air-borne viruses. It also has a better and more efficient way of cooling the house with its air inversion mechanism. Wherein it uses natural air outside, filters it and makes it compact for a healthier air inside the house. This way it ensures that you are on top of you and your family’s health with the air that you breathe and consume at home. It also has a bigger machine which is more efficient when it comes to cool air production. 

This helps us save up to 35% into our air conditioning electric consumption. The modern air purifiers and air conditioners are also technology forward that you can control its full operation with your smartphone connected over the internet. This means that you don’t have to physically check the appliance’s operation on different parts of the house. 

Healthy Coffee Maker

5. Healthy Coffee Maker

Coffee is one of the highly consumed beverage next to the water. And they say that the most productive individuals have the coffee as their partner. coffee might bring a lot of scientifically proven positive effects on productivity, it has a downside effect on human health. That’s why appliance manufacturers keep you on top of your health while enjoying your favorite coffee. Healthy coffee makers are compact coffee machines with a size of a 12 oz bottle on your palms. All you have to do is to load your coffee grounds inside the machine and just add some hot water. The amazing process of this mini coffee wonder is that it decaffeinates your beverage.

Decaffeinated coffee is still as good as a caffeinated coffee tastes like. It is just healthier with a lessened amount of caffeine that makes some people palpitate and even causes seizures. Apart from that convenience, it is also a way better and more economic rather than going into your favorite coffee shops with their expensive coffee. 

No matter how busy life gets, it is still our health which should be on top. There are so many ways to enjoy life while being healthy. And it is easier nowadays with the aid of modern smart appliances with modern technology. But this goodness with technological advancement also comes with a price. No matter what the price tag is, consider how good you can go with its health benefits that it can bring to you. We are never getting a young way back again, but it’s at least we have some new appliances to guide us along the way.