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Save Time And Trouble, Use
The Handyman Today

Yeobuild HomeRepair prides itself as being a one-stop home repair service provider, offering you professional and affordable home repair services. Armed with 41 years of experience, be assured that our handyman has both the expertise and experience to fix any doorknobs or cabinets today.

Trust The Expert Handyman Today!

#1 Handyman services in Singapore

Handyman services warranty

All Handyman services done by us are given 1 year service warranty.

Affordable handyman services

No exorbitant prices. Expect only competitive prices from our handyman services.

Qualified technicians

Our handymen are certified and competent to provide any handyman service.

Our Handyman Service Track Record

Have confidence in our expert handyman!


Happy customers over the
last 5 years


Minutes on average for a handyman job


Call-out charge for a handyman job

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Yeobuild HomeRepair Is Bizsafe 3, EMA, and PUB Certified