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Yeobuild HomeRepair is your one-stop home repair service provider anchored with its 41 years of professional experience in the industry.

Our Handyman repair services have a vast list of home repairs at reasonable prices in Singapore today.

How Does Yeobuild Handyman Service Work?


Book your appointment at any time using our online booking system or over the phone. Our customer service will contact you the next working day to confirm your booking.


Our technicians will proceed to conduct an inspection, explain the issue, and repair your appliance. An electronic service report will be provided after and you can pay via cash, cheque, bank transfer, or PayNow.


Let’s stay connected! Our customer service is open to all your post-repair needs! To ensure we maintain our standards, you may also receive a call from us to obtain your feedback.

We help more Singaporeans with Handyman service work every day!

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Handyman repair warranty

All Handyman services done by us are given 3 months (and above) service warranty.

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No exorbitant prices. Expect only competitive prices from our handyman services.

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Our handymen are certified and competent to provide any handyman service.

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What Are Our Different Handyman Repairs

dry wall

Drywall Installation

Drywall installations are when drywalls are integrated into surfaces as preparation for the process of painting and finishing. The main material used during this repair is the drywall, which is made with two paperboards that sandwich the gypsum inside, and is mainly used to create various components of homes and buildings such as the walls, ceilings, arches, and other architectural features, among others.

Fixture Replacement

All aspects of your home that are fixed or permanently affixed to a piece of property, including fitted kitchens, boilers, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets, are called fixtures. Fixture replacement is essential since, when it comes to plumbing, what could appear to be minor issues can ultimately result in a catastrophic catastrophe. Even minor leaks can cause mold to grow and taint the water. Fixtures that aren’t installed properly must be fixed right away to prevent leaks and material degradation.
smart home

Smart Home Upgrade Installation

Since the importance of sustainable living has increased in this day and age, more and more people have adapted environmental practices and turned to the decision of transforming their homes to accommodate a smarter and more convenient lifestyle. There is a growing list of things that can turn your home smarter and greener, and we see to it that home upgrades are made available and accessible to you anytime.

Painting for the Interior and Exterior

The value of your home is enhanced by both interior and exterior painting, and the importance of interior painting services can never be understated. You need a qualified and skilled interior house painter if you want to get the most out of interior paint services. Our skilled staff will fill the interior of your home with a vibe, whether it involves painting a single room or the entire outside of your new home.
power washing

Power Washing

Power washing is the process of cleaning outdoor surfaces with pressurized water to remove dirt, algae, and other impurities. Power washing is a quicker, more efficient method of cleaning an outside surface than hand scrubbing. Cleansers take care of common impurities including dirt, grime, algae, mold, and mildew on the surface. Afterward, everything is rinsed away using a safe yet adequate amount of pressure.
tile installation

Tile Installation

Tile installation is a favored floor repair service made for bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways, or basically any space in any property that needs tailored kinds of flooring suited to its environment. While many homeowners often choose tiling as a Do-It-Yourself project, professional tile-setters and ceramic floor tile installation still guarantee that homeowners receive the best quality of flooring they can get. This process would be executed with meticulous preparation.
window repair

Window Repair

Your home may suffer significant damage from a shattered window, especially in severe weather. You don’t have to put up with a window that is difficult to open, unexpectedly slams shut, or leaks air. You may accomplish much of the insulation of double glazing and additional defense against air penetration through holes by adding a high-quality storm window. You will end up with a window that seals at least as well as most new windows if you additionally take steps to weatherstrip your window.
small appliance

Small Appliance Repair

Most fixes just require a quick clean-up or a straightforward part swap. But you can avoid splurging on replacements by consulting our services. If you have a specialty or vintage appliance, repair makes even more sense. Replacement may not be in your budget because appliances like pressure cookers, mixers, and espresso machines are getting more expensive as they gain additional functions. Even more cost may be required to replace older models that came with your home. If anything has to be repaired or replaced, our repair experts can assist.

Top 8 Common Handyman Problems

Repairing Wood Rot

There is no disputing the appeal of anything made of wood. When real and high-quality wood is utilized, furniture such as chairs, tables, stairs, decks, and more all look beautiful. That being said, moisture and fungi are two of wood’s major weaknesses. The fungus may swiftly establish itself when there is a lot of moisture and a few fungal spores present, which is what causes wood to rot. However, do not be alarmed; a little wood rot will not ruin the planet. In certain situations, you might need to replace the wood, but in many others, you might be able to make repairs if the rotting is not too severe.

Removing Porcelain Sink Stains

Regular cleaning can aid in preventing muck buildup on porcelain sink surfaces. For most stains, a minimal amount of work is required to remove them and restore the glaze over porcelain sink surfaces. However, some stains are difficult to get rid of. It can be particularly difficult to remove hard water stains from porcelain sinks. Hard water stains, which can develop around sinks, toilets, showerheads, and faucets, are those unpleasant sticky substances and inconvenient white crust. These stains go by a variety of names, including limescale, hard water deposits, mineral accumulation, and mineral deposits.

Repairing Small Screen Holes

A broken screen door allows insects and other pests to enter, defeating the door’s entire function. The screen can be saved from total destruction by patching these minor tears and holes before they grow larger. Instead of replacing a full screen, it is easier and less costly to patch a minor hole.

Fixing Squeaking Floors

A creaking floor may be an indication of an older house that needs work. Even seasoned homeowners could come to the conclusion that the issue has persisted for too long and enough is enough. Understanding the origins of squeaks is helpful before making repairs. The main factor is friction. Two flooring components rubbing against each other, such as nails or staples that are no longer holding the floorboard tightly and are now rubbing through the hole in the floorboard, is the cause of all floor squeaks. Also, two flooring grinding against one another could be the cause.

Filling Nail Holes

This is commonly seen in wooden parts of the house or surfaces that have, let’s say, been the previous location of family photos nailed to the wall. Home upgrades are a choice that homeowners must often make, but even after the change, proof of the previous state of the space will possibly be left behind. Thankfully, it’s never too late to vanquish nail holes and revert surfaces back to their most pristine conditions.

Cleaning Windows Without Streaking

Although it may seem like a straightforward procedure, cleaning windows without leaving streaks is where the challenge lies. You may clean windows with a variety of cleaning supplies, including both store-bought and home-made options. This proves how important your cleaning method and equipment are to achieve streak-free windows.

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Annie Ho
Annie Ho
My home microwave (Turbo Incanto) broke down and initially i was sceptical to call for a home repair service! Thankfully, I found a reliable microwave repair service in Yeobuild. Their technician, Mr Syafiq came down at the appointed day/time and gave sound advice on the job scope after checking my microwave (heating system failed). Initial $60 fee was waived and all-inclusive $190 fee paid for repairs, transport, delivery, installation, spare parts, etc. No hidden charges and fees are transparent as quoted by Mr Syafiq. Job completed in 3 days with Invoice (cash payment) and Job Report emailed to me promptly. Thank you for the excellent service. Highly Recommended.
sandra a
sandra a
I've used yeobuild three times - for my wine fridge, washing machine and oven. All three times, the items were repaired professionally and in a timely manner. No idea if it is good value as I didn't compare prices, but I appreciate the prompt appointments, straightforward price quotes and follow ups. Will continue to use them and recommend to friends.
Jz L
Jz L
UPDATED post follow up: Service team returned call and fixed an appointment readily for next day as promised. Both fans are in good working condition 🙏🏻 Hope that YeoBuild can be impeccable in all aspects going forward, not solely zoomed in just for new accounts. Will return for other repairs and services if need to! Initial appointment was set up fast but received many calls for new slot allocation to fix on 1. Handyman is good and professional, mentioned that for follow up of capacitor replacement, the team will be in touch soon once we make payment for the new units. The ones he has did not fit ours hence the follow up appointment is required. Right after the first trip, email summary and invoice came for follow up. But no one reached out to give status nor make appointment for the expected service for replacement. Its been 2-3 weeks. I called once and they mentioned will check exact and lmk, still no updates so far.
Ilsun Cho
Ilsun Cho
We had Mr Yap, came to repair our oven. He was very competant, effective and professional when repairing our oven. He arrived on time. Give him two thumbs up ! He was just great !

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