Looking for an awesome way to appreciate your mom’s efforts? Why not try home improvement? Mother’s day may have passed already and I guess some of you might have given your moms’ some bouquets of flowers, chocolates, gift cheques or a vacation ticket. But you know what? Our moms deserves appreciation all year round.

Though it may sound so complicated, there are actually simple home improvements projects you can do even though you’re just a beginner. So don’t worry, we’ll give you some pretty simple and achievable home improvements that your Mom will surely love! Check out these three simple home improvements below!

Here are some good home improvement ideas to follow…

Add More Storage Spaces

In small countries like Singapore, owning a house with huge spaces is a luxury, that’s why people opt for smaller units or even prefer hdb flats to cut expenses on housing. It is a huge challenge for most homeowners to obtain bigger storage space given their houses has limited spaces, hence, opting for storage solutions is the smartest way to beat this odd. See the spaces under your bed? That is storage. See that space under your favorite side table? That is storage. Blank & empty walls? That is storage. You see? There are actually a lot of storage spaces in your tiny home you don’t know!

home improvement - adding storage spaces

home improvement - storage spaces

home improvement - storage spaces in the bedroom

Revamp Your Kitchen

Probably Moms would agree with me on this – that their most favorite place at home is the kitchen, don’t you agree? Being said that, I bet your mom would be very happy to see a brand new kitchen – a well-lit and revamped one. You can start by repainting those old, boring cup boards into something exciting! Add more life to those cabinets and drawers by changing old handles and knobs with new designs that reflects your mom’s personal taste. Upgrade those lights into LED ones – a more energy efficient choice. Lighting has a great impact on the overall aesthetics of a space, you might as well want to change the fixtures in your kitchen.  You can even add some stylish custom furniture pieces into your kitchen to make it more lovely!

Unto The Bathroom!

You can start with your showerhead. As years goes by, showerheads can be defective and will definitely need replacements. Opt for low-flow showerhead which is more energy-efficient than others, this, helping you save extra dollars on your water bill. A medicine cabinet at the back of your bathroom mirror is also a good addition, plus extra storage!

Appliance Repairs

We all know Moms usually do all most household chores and it can be stressful for them whenever an appliance starts to malfunction; cooking may turn into a disaster or laundry may halt – thus, an unproductive day for a mother. So why not check all those appliances at home that may have started malfunctioning and have them repaired? Broken kitchen appliances? No need to buy new ones, have them repaired! Does your mom love baking but the oven’s been faulty? There are actually oven repair experts who ready to help. While you are doing some bathroom works, you might as well want to check if your water heater is functional, if not, then you can opt for repairs too!

Those are just some of the simple home improvements you can begin with. They may be simple, but trust me, those simple home improvements have bigger impacts more that you think. These are just simple ways of appreciating our moms, so make every effort count! Go ahead and start your home improvement projects now! Hats off to all our super moms out there!