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Enhance Your Cooking Confidence with Yeobuild Gas Oven Repair in Singapore

Simplify your kitchen routine and ensure the safety of your home with our top-notch gas oven repair services in Singapore. Our team of in-house experts is ready to address any issues swiftly, restoring seamless functionality to your gas oven. Don’t let appliance malfunctions disrupt your cooking experience – reach out to us now! 

Common Gas Oven Issues Yeobuild Can Repair

Common causes for this issue could be a faulty ignition system, clogged burner ports, or issues with the gas supply. 

Yeobuild’s expert technicians will meticulously inspect and diagnose the problem. Whether it’s repairing the ignition system, cleaning burner components, or addressing gas supply issues, we’ll ensure your gas oven’s burner lights reliably, restoring seamless functionality.

Inconsistent oven temperatures may stem from a malfunctioning thermostat, faulty heating elements, or issues with the oven’s calibration. 

Yeobuild’s skilled electricians will conduct a thorough examination, identifying the root cause. Our repair solutions may include thermostat adjustments, heating element replacements, or recalibrating the oven to ensure precise temperature control, allowing you to achieve perfect cooking results.

A gas oven door that won’t close properly may compromise both safety and cooking efficiency. Common issues include worn-out door hinges or a misaligned door. 

Yeobuild’s handymen will meticulously inspect the door mechanism, repairing or replacing hinges as needed. Our goal is to restore the proper seal, ensuring that your gas oven operates safely and efficiently.

Smoke from a gas cooker can result from residue buildup, malfunctioning burners, or issues with the ventilation system. 

Call Yeobuild and our professionals will conduct a comprehensive assessment to pinpoint the cause. We’ll clean burner components, address ventilation problems, and ensure that your gas cooker operates cleanly and safely, preventing any smoke-related concerns.

A gas smell emanating from the oven is a serious safety concern and may indicate a gas leak. Yeobuild prioritises safety and will promptly investigate the source of the odour. 

Our technicians will assess the gas line, connections, and seals to identify and repair any leaks, ensuring a secure and gas-free cooking environment for your peace of mind.

Types of Gas Ovens Yeobuild Can Repair

A gas oven, commonly referred to as a freestanding cooker or gas range, is a kitchen appliance that combines a cooktop and an oven, both powered by natural gas or propane. It typically consists of four main components: cooktop burners, an oven chamber, a control panel, and a storage drawer.

Electric Stove

An electric stove is a cooking appliance that uses electricity to generate heat for cooking. Instead of open flames, electric stoves have electric coils or smooth, glass-ceramic surfaces that heat up when activated. Electric stoves offer consistent heating and are known for their ease of cleaning, making them a common choice for kitchens without access to a gas supply.

Gas Stove

A gas stove is a cooking appliance powered by natural gas or propane. It features burners on the cooktop that emit flames when ignited, providing direct and adjustable heat for cooking. Gas stoves are favoured for their instant heat control, making them popular among chefs and home cooks who appreciate precision in their culinary endeavours.

Electric Oven with Gas Stove

An electric oven with a gas stove combines the features of both types of appliances. The oven component is powered by electricity and is typically used for baking, roasting, and broiling. The cooktop, on the other hand, is equipped with gas burners for stovetop cooking. This hybrid design allows users to benefit from the precise temperature control of an electric oven and the instant heat adjustment of a gas stove, providing versatility in the kitchen.

Prices for Gas Oven Repair in Singapore

When it comes to freestanding cooker repair charges, our transparent pricing model ensures that you receive quality service without hidden costs. Our skilled technicians offer a comprehensive assessment of your freestanding cooker issues, followed by a clear and detailed explanation of the required repairs. Here is a general breakdown of our gas oven repair charges: 


Call-Out Charges


Minute repair


Months service warranty

How To Engage Yeobuild Gas Oven Repair Services



Book Your Appointment

Book your appointment conveniently through our online booking system. Our customer service team will verify and confirm your booking by the next working day.

If you require urgent same-day repair services, please call our hotline.



Perform repair services and make payment

During your scheduled appointment, our in-house experts will conduct the necessary inspection and repair. 

Following the service, you will receive an electronic service report, and you can make payment through cash, check, bank transfer, or PayNow.



Provide Feedback

After the completion of your appliance repair, our customer service team will get in touch to gather your feedback. 

You may also contact us for any post-repair inquiries. We offer a 3-month service warranty for all works carried out by our team.

Why Choose Yeobuild?

Experienced Team of Professionals

In-house Gas Oven Repair Experts

With a trusted reputation built over years of service, Yeobuild has become a reliable name in appliance repairs. Our satisfied customers attest to our professionalism, reliability, and dedication to delivering top-notch service.

Our experts are well-trained to handle a variety of issues, ensuring effective and lasting solutions for your appliances.

High Quality Service

Comprehensive Services

From gas oven repairs to a wide range of other appliance services including microwave repairs, Yeobuild offers comprehensive solutions to meet all your household needs. 

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality service that not only resolves your appliance problems but also leaves you satisfied with the overall experience. 

Competitive Pricing

Transparent and Fair Pricing

We believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. You can trust Yeobuild for fair and upfront charges, with no hidden fees. 

Our clear pricing model ensures that you know exactly what to expect; we provide detailed estimates before commencing any repair work, allowing you to make informed decisions.

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Your technician, Zhuang, is a very good man. We are very happy with his service and attitude. Make sure you don’t lose him.
Making appointment was smooth. Louis was great! He is very knowledgeable of the appliance as well as other similar models. He provided possible alternatives for the issue and in the end came up with the most efficient and cost effective solution. Will definitely use Yeobuild HomeRepair again if I have home appliance/repair needs.
Rokiah Pillay
Rokiah Pillay
Very friendly and professional service. Gave very practical solution/suggestion. I highly recommend them.
Shivani Shrivastava
Shivani Shrivastava
Absolutely happy with the services provided.
Lee Rose
Lee Rose
Well done Service n repair Louis Liew do a good job keep it up
nicholas tan
nicholas tan
Professional services and repairs were completed ahead of time
Rossellini Yap
Rossellini Yap
Thought my fridge was dead but yeobuild managed to send someone over in the same day and solved the issue! Thankfully most of the food did not good to waste. Efficient and excellent service.
andrea chew
andrea chew
Very happy with their service. Read through the recent unhappy reviews not sure why though. Had a very good experience with Yeobuild. Service team is very experience and efficient. Managed to get my dryer up and running on the first visit.

FAQs about Gas Oven Repairs in Singapore

Possible reasons for your cooker suddenly stopping could include issues with the ignition system, faulty electrical components, or gas supply problems. 

Schedule your appointment with Yeobuild. Our expert technicians can diagnose the issue through a comprehensive assessment, identifying the root cause and providing efficient solutions to restore your cooker’s functionality.

Determining whether it’s worth fixing a gas oven depends on factors such as:

  •  the age of the appliance

  •  the extent of the damage

  • the cost of repairs compared to the price of a new unit

Yeobuild offers transparent assessments, guiding you through the decision-making process. Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions that align with your needs and preferences. Get a quote with us today. 

The cost of fixing a cooker can vary based on the type of repair needed, the brand and model of the appliance, and the extent of the damage. Yeobuild ensures transparent pricing, offering detailed estimates before initiating any work. Our clear pricing model includes diagnostics, labour, and replacement parts, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the repair costs.

Get a quote and contact us for a thorough diagnosis and reliable repair services.