If you give a lot of time to take good care of your appliances chances are they will last longer and save you money in the long run. To take proper care of your cooker hob, it’s important to be knowledgeable of its parts and functionality, because when things go south, you either work on them or call an appliance repair service. If it’s something easy, this means you can carry out a quick DIY if the problem is a simple tweaking. After all, good maintenance is always preferable over repairs.

We wrapped up some common problems with your cooker hob ignition:

Quick burner check

Turn off all the burner dials and switch off the main gas supply. Lift the hinged top and check to see whether there are tiny bits of food clogged around the ignition – yes, food. If you see a build-up, gently clean the burner by wiping them down with a soft damp cloth. If the burner is still clogged from the metallic tubes, clean them, the holes and the valve carefully with a damp cloth rinsed in vinegar. After that you may turn on the gas supply and test again.

Electronic Ignition System

If cleaning doesn’t solve it, try testing the electronic ignition system. If there’s still no spark when you try to switch them on, there might be a problem with the electric circuitry. Check all the plugs and if the electricity is on. If it’s tripped, then there’s a problem in the circuit breaker. Switch off the current and check for loose wires between the igniter  and the burner assembly. If there’s still a problem with the igniter system then it could be the switch. In this case, you should opt to call repair services near you.

Igniter issue

First off, check the igniter for sparks. Turn the gas off and try the ignition button on your stove. You should hear the clicking sound, check whether there are sparks, then it’s time to replace your igniter. There’s also a possibility that your igniter could be clogged with dirt. CLean the igniter with a soft bristled toothbrush to remove the dirt and debris. Softy scrub the surface of the igniter with the toothbrush and blow on it when you’re done cleaner. You may need to remove the bottom oven cover to expose your igniter.

Cooker hob igniter issues can be a bit tricky since you’re playing with gas and electricity. We advise quick assessments, but leave the dirty work to the professionals. For proper repair, call a cooker hob appliance repair near you. 


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