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Planning to add some energy-saving devices at home?

Conserving energy makes a great help in saving money and helping the environment. In households, one of the most commonly taken for granted facts is finding energy-saving devices to install at home. Do you know that in Singapore alone, there are 60% of households do not have any energy-saving devices?  This also means that they are getting out of the opportunity to at least save up SGD 20 on their monthly electric bills.  

With the development of modern-day technology, energy-saving devices to install at home are now developed. Check out our article to check five energy-saving devices to install at home.  

1. Smart  Thermostats

LED and Automated Light System

Since 40% of the total energy consumption in the household belongs to cooling and heating, a smart thermostat could be a great help.  This little investment could help you save up to 10% or at least SGD 20 on your monthly electric consumption.  Smart thermostats use the internet and your phone to optimise the usage of air conditioning at home.  It adjusts home temperatures depending on the current conditions of the house.  Smart thermostat enables you to track your monthly air conditioner electric consumption with statistics and analysis. It also gives you some pieces of advice to help you efficiently use your home air conditioning.  Apart from those automated functions, it also automatically sets schedule when to turn off and turn on the home AC.  For maximum savings, you can also contact an air conditioner expert to have your AC checked. 

2. LED and Automated Light System

LED and Automated Light System

On the second spot of our energy-saving devices to install at home – the LED  and automated light system.  We all know that the incandescent bulbs consume a lot of energy as compared with the newer LED. It has been proven and tested that using LED can reduce up to 50% of your electric consumption as compared to incandescent bulbs from the 20th century.  But do you know that there is a better way to save up using LED bulbs? You can save even more by applying automated light systems at home.  Home light automation enable you to turn on and off your lights even when you are far from home.  All you have to do is to buy automation software and have it connected with your home lights and to your phone as the main controller.  It might sound to be so futuristic, but yes it helps a lot! 

3. Charging Stations 

Charging Stations

Since our world is now full of devices which has built-in and rechargeable batteries, it is vital to install charging stations at home. When we charge our devices on a normal plug, it still consumes electricity even when the batteries of the devices are already full. Installing charging stations at home helps you cut off unnecessary electric consumptions from charging devices.  It automatically cuts down electricity when the battery of your device is already full.  Other charging stations are designed to be time-specific. RTime specific charging stations won’t wait until your batteries are full. It cuts down electricity depending on the maximum hours which you have set before use. 

4. Energy-star appliances

Energy-star appliances


Sometimes, power-saving doesn’t mean installing energy-saving devices at home. It also starts with the type of appliance that we buy. When buying new appliances, you should always consider energy-star appliances or those appliances which have good stars with energy consumption.  Energy-star appliances are electric consumption efficient and do not have any hazards to the environment. You can check energy star appliances by looking at the appliance’s label.  All manufacturers are required to do the star tagging in all sorts of appliances.  A refrigerator that has good energy star, can help you save up to  9% of the energy. This is a comparison to a refrigerator that does not have a good energy-star rating.

5. Tankless Water Heaters 

Tankless Water Heaters

Conventional water heaters or water heaters with tank usually consumes a lot of energy. This is because it needs to heat up a specific amount of water load over time. The heating process continues to take place even when not in use. Tankless water heaters work reversely.  Instead of heating the water while not in use, it heats up the water while it flows into its tubes. This process can help you save up to 30% compared with conventional heaters. It also helps you save some more money because it has lesser maintenance from the strenuous operation of the conventional water heaters. you can always check out water heater experts to help you out in replacing your old water heaters at home.