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HomeProtect Service Plan:- Better than ad-hoc repair service

Yeobuild HomeProtect goes far beyond the traditional ad-hoc repair service. This new approach not only makes home breakdowns easy to manage, it fixes your home maintenance cost annually.

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Maintain your home in an affordable way

Save cost

Pay a fixed fee to maintain your home over the period of one year. You can even choose to spread your cost by paying us in instalments.

No charges for labour, parts or replacement cost

Only a transportation cost is payable for each service request. Should you require a new replacement, we will match an identical model, free of charge!

Protect yourself from home breakdowns

HomeProtect provides repair and/or replacement for over 12 major areas in your home, with a total service value worth $19,000.

Home Insurance Vs HomeProtect: What is the difference?

Home insurance focuses on safeguarding your home against unforeseen disasters such as fire or natural disasters, which may never happen.

HomeProtect focuses on covering your homes against wear and tears. Things that eventually will happen; It is only a matter of time.

dependable and speedy response from Yeobuild HomeProtect

Quick response time

All service requests will be attended within 3 working days. For emergency orders, it will be attended within 24 hours.

Unlimited visits, available anytime, all year round

Our home professionals are always on stand-by, ready to assist you should you face any home breakdowns, even during nights or public holidays.

Reliable and credible home professionals

We are authorised service providers for 7 major appliances brands. Our home professionals are qualified and certified to carry out service request in your homes.

Our esteemed customers

We are professional, efficient and cost-effective

Testimonials from our Yeobuild HomeRepair customers

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38 years in service and partnering with many major home appliance brands

Be confident that Yeobuild HomeProtect can protect your home from breakdowns today.